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Thanks for letting me know Bina!

I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone's finished kits!

Whoops! Just saw your comment, Sunny! Thank you very much, I hope to feel like Mother Nautre at some point, too! So far it's been quite the opposite but I'm hopeful things will turn soon smiley

In my persuit of making little felt zoo creatures I found myself needing a pale pink color so I will be incorporating "fdd1e0" into my palette (gamut checked). Figured I'd mention it in case others need/want a lighter/softer pink! smiley

I'll probably add more animals before it's time to post to the final list but this is what I've got for now smiley

I was thinking of trying my hand for this blog train...i am new, new, new to design though and am not sure what people want...
could someone take a look at this frame and tell me what you think? was thinking of more along these lines, but not sure


it's a link to a frame on google drive

Gina, the frame is so cute! I love it. I think that people would enjoy your designs, so please consider joining in! And that's wonderful that you are a first time participant - It's exciting to see new designers take their first steps in joining the various challenges.

That's adorable, @Gina! You should certainly join in the blog train--it's a great way to gain experience and even to draw a following of people who love your designs. I was new, new, new to designing when I first joined in, too--about 2.5 years ago. I'd made a few things for myself in the past, but never done anything that I shared with anyone else...but people loved what I'd made and told me so, and that was a huge confidence-builder.

As far as what people want, that's a question with lots of different answers, because there are many different types of scrappers. Some people like very clean pages and will be happy if you make nothing but papers, tags, and stickers. Others like doodled-type elements. Still others like realistic-looking items that are extracted from photographs. Yet another group prefers elements that are clearly computer-generated, like vector flowers. Some others only really use journal cards. With that much variety, it's almost impossible to design things that EVERYONE loves, so your best option is to just create things that you like; SOMEONE will love it, and they'll probably tell you so in comments. Someone else will look at your designs and decide they're not interested, and that's on them, not a reflection on your skill or style as a designer.

@Kayl: I LOVE your animals! Can't wait for September already! Totally showing the tiger to my BF tonight, too, since they're his favorite animal... smiley

thanks @Sunny for your kind words! i am having fun playing with ideas, but they are definitely a bit disjointed! smiley
thanks @Holly!!!! smiley we have a membership to our local zoo and go all the time, so i will have to look back at my photos and see if i get inspired!!! smiley

Those are really cute Kayl smiley

Ohhhhh,Kayl! Those little faces are SO CUTE! They are the most adorable things I've ever seen!

Gina, please, P-L-E-A-S-E join the blog train! I love your frame, it's just adorable! Are you just doing penguins, or will you do other animals as well?

@Robyn thank you! ...I am all over the place!!! smiley

I did that frame and i love word elements/titles and things, so I was looking at that then I went to a scrapbook/stamping convention today and saw this cool watercolor border effect that i wanted to see if i could replicate in digital that lead me to playing around with elephant silhouettes...ugh, clearly i am a newbie since i can't concentrate one one thing and want to do it all!!! smiley

I haven't quite nailed the watercolor effect, but i like the final product I came up with: take a look...border

also, i have found i prefer the neutral colors from the palette...which i guess makes sense, since the colors will be wildly different of each animal having more neutral elements brings it all together visually for me smiley

Kayl, I want September to hurry up and be here NOW because I WANT THOSE ADORABLE ANIMALS!

Thanks ladies! I've updated my preview to include more animals as I thought I would. smiley Glad they're a hit!

When it comes to what people want, ignore that unless asked directly! smiley Make what you like and what you will use. As Holly said, people will either like your style or move along. If they move along your style just doesn't mesh with their aesthetic and that doesn't make either of your ideas or creations wrong smiley I'm sure only some people enjoy my creations and that's totally fine, I like them and find them fun! I think your frame is really cute! And the Elephant cutout piece was fun too. Make whatever you enjoy and your designing will show it. smiley My first couple kits were a little stiff in my opinion but then I started just doing what I liked and I got better. It's sort of a process that you figure out as you go and as you sharpen your skills. Most importantly just have fun!

Well said, Kayl! And I do love your felt animals........

smiley OK Sometimes I get carried away. But besides a mini kit I am working on I also learned how to create curly Ribbon, So I am sharing a few. CU of PU use. Here is my preview so far for the ribbons. Still finishing the kit. Have some Quick Pages to. smiley

Here's a few animal phrases I thought were fun smiley

Gina, the frame is fantastic. Jump in - I'd love that and more from you!

your ideas are wonderful, i think we'll get all the animals in the international zoo's smiley

I will do something with monkeys...

I've been wanting to try to make ribbons like that- can I ask where you learned to it?

Kayl, oh my gosh, those felt animals are so stinkin' CUTE! ROFL!

Leave it to me to be late to the party.........I am going to try my hand at designing fox-themed items.......need to get started!

I 2nd what Sunny said, This is very well said, Kayl.

@Gina: Your frame is adorable!

I haven't started anything at all yet. I've been thinking about just doing a generic zoo themed kit. We'll see where it leads when I finally get started. smiley

Oh My God... Kayl, your felt animals are just awesome smiley I so want to learn how to do that! Are you using Photoshop ?

Thanks! I do use PS, CS6 specifically. It's not hard to learn really, just a few basic steps allow you to create the look I've got going! smiley However if you're a touch lazy like me, there are several designers out there who have made these looks into Styles and Actions! There are three here on Pixel Scrapper smiley Elif has made two, here & here. Janet has made one as well, here.

Play around with those or just find a felt sheet and try your hand at different blend modes and/or opacities smiley The possibilities are endless!

These are adorable, Kayl! smiley smiley

I made three sets of 6x4 cards, 1 giraffe shows basic stuff for very early learners or special ed, two giraffes show pre-witing skills and three giraffes show sequencing. This is the two giraffes set:


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