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Kayl's felt animals are soooo ADORABLE... this is gonna be a really cute train! smiley smiley

Gina: smiley I think you are thinking in a great way: Please join the train. I have had a look at the frame and I think it is perfect smiley Thank you for sharing. What people like and do not like could depend on what they are being offered.... your frame is a great offering and a gift on top. So many peole will like it, I am quite sure. smiley Kayl and Holly are right on. Make yourself happy with your designs and you will be surprised how many other people you will be making happy as well. Do not look at those who might not be attracted to your designs for reasons that will forever be unknown and ultimately are not interesting. Interesting is what can make you happy. You will be surprised how many people who might not be interested now (primarily because they cannot see your designs) will be very interested later. Give it a go, don't worry, smiley And see how happy your frame has made me.


It all looks good Gina! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Like those have already said, just have fun. There's no wrong way to be an artist smiley

Adorable as your felt animals are Kayl! So cute!

Those are perfect Bina! They are great on their own but I could so see them tucked into a preschool layout as well! Or even a nursery layout. Love what you did! Looking forward to Sept smiley

smiley Jessica: Oh thank you so much! I was thinking the same as you smiley , the kid could be doing the card and then the card could appear in the layout.

These are awesome, Bina!

Hi Laurel, Did you get my message? smiley Sent it PM to you.

Bina, Those are cute Cards. smiley

I was super happy to get some design time today! smiley I started out thinking I would do a generic zoo kit, but it developed into a large cat theme... tigers, leopards, cheetahs, etc. My youngest son LOVES cats (big and small).

I'm looking forward to making some more stuff!

Hehehehehe! I love that........."here, kitty kitty!"......when thinking of a tiger or leopard. smiley

Off to a great start!

Looks fab, Erin! As always I totally love your colors.

Thank you guys! smiley

I didn't know if I could/should do it this month ,but I'll try again. I'm choosing sloths! I love them so much !! smiley

Bina Greene, I love your sheets! Could you also do them with only 1 f (girafe, deux girafes) if it isn't too long! (Or send me your originals so I can do it?
I know it's a lot to ask, but I told myself I would try! I teach in French and I would absolutely looooooove your sheets!!!

And please, don't feel bad at all if you say no. I understand and it's very much OK. I know I ask a lot and I promise I would totally understand if you said no. Please don't feel obligated to do anything!

BTW I can't wait to see the actual train. What I saw so far is soooooo nice!!! Congrats girls!

Hehe, I have a few friends in the furry community, and we refer to most of the ones whose chosen animals are tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards, or panthers as kitties. And if you call out "Hey kitty!", three-fourths of them will turn around and look!

That said, Erin...I love what you've done! There are never enough tiger or snow leopard papers!

LOL, Holly! This would be a great kit for Furry Con. smiley

Awesome Erin! My youngest had some tiger themed newborn clothes that these would work so well with, esp that orange striped paper. Look forward to seeing what else you come up with! smiley smiley

so, here is my preview. I tried to stick with a theme...cold weather animals (ya know penguins and polar bears)...but as you can see that really didn't work at all...I had too much fun trying different things! I mostly used neutrals, but had to get a little pop of color in...Hopefully there is something for everyone smiley

also, i totally struggled with making this preview and while i am not thrilled with it, i am satisfied for a first real attempt!

You appear to have forgotten to link your preview smiley

Previews are a difficult thing for a lot of people, me included! I still struggle with it from time to time but the more you play along in the BTs the easier it will hopefully get!

Gina, your penguin frame is adorable!

Congratulations Kayl on the new little one.

We have two local zoos, and my favorite animal at both is the peacock (peafowl) that roams freely. I got a Wacom tablet for my birthday, so I'm going to give my hand at trying to draw feathers. I will choose the peacock as my animal.

smiley I made a numbers grid workbook, I will try to offer the graphics as pngs too so that you can build your own worksheet smiley Thank you very much. smiley I am really happy about the fact that you are going to use these. smiley

Bina, your cards are adorable!

This is my contribution for September:

a better look at the papers:

and a better look at the cards and flairs plus an extra paper:

Kayl -- Your felt animals are adorable!

Phyllis -- Love your panda kit!

While working on this kit, I got side-tracked reading all about zebras. They are fascinating animals. Of course, I'm a sucker for anything with hooves!

I have some vintage animal clipart so I'll be doing an assortment

Diane - Love your zebra kit, especially the cards!

Here's a link to a freebie - stamps of vintage animals smiley not sure how long it's free...

27 Hand Drawn Wild Animals Vintage Vector Pack from Mr Vintage.


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