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LOL! Sunny, you are a treasure! And, yeah, I am HORRIBLE in the kitchen. My roommate years ago made me promise to never step foot in the kitchen I shared with her because I ruined hamburger helper. And my husband can attest, last year I burned a pot of boiling water.
Yeah, I'm that bad! ROFL! smiley

.....and I can totally relate to not seeing things well, too! I just ordered my new TRIFOCAL glasses! Yes, I'm 48 and can't stand progressive lenses. So, trifocals it is. But at least my new glasses are kinda retro, and blingy, and that is SO me! Yay! smiley

Oh, you guys are so funny! I'm the happiest when I'm in the kitchen, which isn't as often as I would like.

Brenda, I love this kit! Kudos to you for such a great idea smiley


Here's my wee contribution- back to school next week, so trying to get a few things done prior to that!

So cute, Laurel!

Diane, I love that frosting rose, and the chicken cookie cutter!

Lisel, thank you. I love to cake decorate, but there are less calories involved when I use clay or paint instead of frosting smiley

Well, yeah, but where's the fun in that?!?!? FROSTINGGGGGGGG.........mmmmmm! smiley

Hi everyone. I think I will go ahead and paste my preview. Looks like great minds run the same. I never look until I am finished so I will not be influenced by other kits, but looks like there are some similarities. Anyway, here is my take. I love the farmhouse look that we see everywhere in the US now, although I do not have that type look in my kitchen, so I designed it for my "digital" kitchen.

Awesome contribution, Donna, I love that you included a cast iron skillet! And some similarities are great, it keeps the train cohesive smiley

Here's mine for September.

This is a wonderful blog train theme

@Brenda -- Oh my goodness I love this!! Reminds me of my grandmas kitchen smiley The tea towel patterns are perfect


Loving all of these! September is going to be awesome!

After a few months, finally had the time to do something, hope is fine

Here's mine. It's only my second time trying a blog train and my first time doing so many of the things I tried in this one. Still totally new at this but improving over last month at least!

@Karen - Love the Rustic tones you chose! Beautiful!
@Jill - You are doing great! smiley Love those kitchen-ware papers!

Here is my part. The pink & green didn't speak to me so I stayed with the other colors

I love to cook but this color theme left me a little puzzled, but I did come up with something, plus I am slow at designing because I am still recovering from an injury.

You came up with a lot! I Love those clips!!!

Looks lovely Dawn & Robin! This is going to be quite a large train! smiley

Well unbelievably I got this done a little sooner than I expected! So here is my part. I focused on some word art since there isn't a whole lot of that yet.

Lovely, Jessica. smiley

Squealing here!
I'm loving all I'm seeing, and the TEAPOTS are PLENTIFUL!
I love teapots.
And tea.
And pastries.
And Karen, is that a German pancake I see in your kit?!?
(It is often called something else, but in my house it's always been called a German pancake.
My Dad was from Germany, and my Mom had picked up the recipe for these because my Dad loved them).
And Sunny, I CAN actually MAKE these pancakes!
I'm not ENTIRELY useless in the kitchen! Hehehehe!

Will be available on my blog Sept 1:

Thanks Lisel!!!

Decided to throw a little kit into the mix.... available now on my blog,
because life has been chaotic, and I know I will forget!

Link will expire (maybe) at end of next month and be sold in my stores.


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