Sept 2019 Blog Train - Working

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Sept 2019 Blog Train - Working

The September 2019 blog train is Renaissance Faire!

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OK maybe I lied on the last post- THIS may actually be my favorite! Love the colors, and we are huge ren faire nerds around here.

Very pretty, Bina!

i love this!

What a great theme, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Ok, we don't have Ren Faires around here ( Although I would love to go to one!!!!) so this was made based on internet research...

Cintia - those little flair buttons are so cute!!

I agree, those little character buttons are gorgeous!
The flowers and coins are so cute too, what a lovely kit Cintia smiley

Thanks girls! smiley

I love the Ren Fest in Shakopee, Minnesota. The minute you step through the gate into the compound, you forget that you're in the 21st century in the USA. It's really wonderful.

My husband, son and I LOVE the Ren Faire locally here! We went for the first time last year, and this year we've already got our costumes ready to go and are chomping at the bit to go in August! Can't wait!

Here is mine.

This looks great Diane. Beautiful frame and perfect lettering. smiley