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Summer Blog Train Poll

We had some great suggestions for the next blog train, so I've made several palettes. In this poll you can vote for MORE THAN ONE palette/theme. If we have a few that are running neck and neck, we'll use them for the next couple of months.

Nature Escape image
Nature Escape
47% (60 votes)
Summer Lovin' image
Summer Lovin'
47% (60 votes)
Sunshine Vibes image
Sunshine Vibes
35% (45 votes)
Earth & Air image
Earth & Air
23% (29 votes)
June Ceremonies image
June Ceremonies
19% (24 votes)
Total votes: 126

so i am a bit late to the party...since the June blog train ideas thread was locked...but here is my two cents for whatever that worth smiley

I like the Nature Escape palette above and the idea of something of a Summer Ceremonies theme: so people could do some grad/wedding if they desired but could also do maybe Summer 1sts? ideas for the first cannonball of the summer in the backyard pool? 1st trip to the beach? inaugural Long Island ice tea of the Summer on the deck (that one might just be me!).
and more of that sort of thing smiley

I am hoping to have some contributions for the May BT from Pittsburgh and am looking forward to working on June's as well!

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