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I love both of these palettes...especially December's! Maybe add a lighter turquoise to it?

hi i like ms Sunnys ideas.

I love Sunny's palettes ...for themes...
September.... The smells of autumn?
October........ Pumpkin spice... cause it's all about that
November.. .. Early frost with autumn colors
December..... shop for toys

I've created some options. Take a look here and let me know your thoughts. I'll probably put up a poll for choosing the top four, although I'm already attached to at least one of them as it falls into the plans I already had, so I may make some executive decisions smiley

I tried to put in some more neutral themes because I know some people prefer that. Although remember that the only thing that really matters for you to follow are the colors. If you want to freestyle on the theme, that's totally cool.

Also if you leave me to make the palettes you'll have to deal with my current purple obsession. #sorrynotsorry

For "Pumpkin Spice" i wanted a bit stronger orange shades...

At "Cozy Kitchen" I miss something green...

but this is just my subjective opinion Marisa smiley your purple obsession is perfect, i love it smiley

I love the Pumpkin Spice & the Elegant Autumn colors. I actually really like all of the colors, Marisa! Looks good to me! Let's do a poll!

Not sure about the weird pink/salmon color in the Mug & a Book, and would love a brown in Elegant Autumn. LOVE the mint green and pink in Cozy Kitchen for that retro feel!

Laurel, I agree. I think I'd prefer the pink/salmon in Mug/Book to be more of an orange.

I'm idealess but I loved the blogtrains being announced in advance!

Theme Ideas (for better or worse...):

  • Brag books or pages
  • Artsy
  • Friendship
  • What I/We Do For Fun
  • Out-takes
  • Tribute
  • Messy / Grunge
  • For Teachers (i.e: elements for bulletin boards, pattern for trim, posters or sayings, book marks, note paper, labels, name tags, etc - all printable)
  • A-B-C's
  • Just For Planners
  • Holidays from Around the World

I'm loving the palettes for Elegant Autumn, A Day At The Zoo and Cozy Kitchen. I'm a purple loving girl (my 4 year old granddaughter even calls me Purple Nanna) so any palette with purple is a winner with me!!

A Mug and A Book! Love it! Right up my alley!!!

hi i love the palates and ideas ms Marisa showed us love the colors.
ohh almost forgot to say i love the 4 months ahead plan.


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