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Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo

Anyone here using Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo???


I use Photoshop but my partner just bought us Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo so I'm curious to learn more about it. Do you use it? Any beginning tutorials you found helpful and could point me towards?

I've got Affinity Photo, but not Designer yet. I haven't mastered it because I keep opening Photoshop! It's like trying to make the swap from GIMP to PS--everything's in the wrong place, and it takes me 5 times as long to do anything because I don't know the program well enough yet. One of these days I need to take time and work exclusively in Affinity Photo for a couple of weeks so I can get up to speed on it.

On the plus side, it doesn't have a subscription fee like PS CC versions, and it's supposed to have superior masking features to PS, which will be great for extractions once I master it!

I use the Affinity Photo app for digi scrapping on my ipad, and I use Affinity Designer for graphic design on my laptop. I love the Affinity range of programmes. They are so powerful and affordable, and I love that it’s not subscription based!

I bought Affinity Photo and Designer. I do not love Photo(yet) because I am so used to and entrenched in Photoshop but it is quite good and very comparable. I need to make the effort to get used to the interface. The downside is that Affinity, at this point, does not work with any of my actions or other 3rd party programs like Suitcase for font management and the interface with Wacom is glitchy as well.

Now Designer I love. I had Illustrator for a time to learn how to use it, but I don't use it enough to justify the subscription cost. But at $49, Designer was a no-brainer. I love it. It seems even more intuitive that Illustrator was for me.

I also bought Publisher and love it also. I bought all three programs for what a few months of Adobe subscription costs.

It is not where Adobe is at the moment, but they are nipping at their heels... which is great for someone like me who resents the subscription.

I have both Affinity Photo and Designer as well. I find I use Designer more than Photo, although Photo has some real advantages when it comes to image/photo adjustments. I find Designer easier to use than Illustrator and am hoping for an auto trace function in the future.

Both programs are very affordable and updates are free. I am in the same camp as everyone else not liking the subscription model of Adobe. For that reason I still am working in CS3.

I do go back and forth between Adobe and Affinity but do agree that completely cutting the Adobe cord hasn't happened for me yet either.

I have them and have used both Affinity Photo and Designer. I was an old PSE user, but hated the whole subscription issue. And, I do most of my scrapping on my iPad; that was perfect! I am trying to use it more and more as I think it offers a lot of hidden potential. Now that I am sort of retired I am hoping to work more diligently to learn them. Looking forward to more "talk" about these two programs.