Anyone else scrapping in Procreate?

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Anyone else scrapping in Procreate?

Was just wondering if anyone else here is creating layouts in Procreate on the iPad? I have been for the last couple of months and love it! My poor old iMac is really starting to struggle and run very slow, so I'm booting it up less and less to use Photoshop. I love how I can use the apple pencil in Procreate for moving elements really precisely, adding paint/pen effects or writing, and now add text layers. The thing I miss most is layer styles, like the amazing styles by Elif Sahin (clear sticker style is my fave).

What are your impressions? Tips? I watched some useful youtube videos (I think they were just titled 'scrap on procreate', can't remember the creator sorry) that explained a good way of creating shadows, but of course most of the stuff out there is about creating artworks in the app.

I was just about to type the same question in the forum. I want to start digital scrap booking but every where I look everyone is using either Photoshop or some other art program I don't know. I've been using Procreate on my iPad and love it so was hoping to see tips and inspiration to kick start. I think Holly Pixel does some scrap booking on iPad and procreate on her youtube channel. I'm hoping to make a scrap of memories of my son's school year. We will see how far I get with that. Would love to see what you've done with procreate for scrap booking. I've only used it for art and digital planning so far.

I know one of our users, Megan, does most of her scrapbooking on her iPad. Here's a link to her youtube channel where she has some tutorials and her Instagram profile which has more info.