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Artisan 4

Hi everyone

Is there anyone who uses the above programme that makes their own elements?

The programme blurb states that you can, however there doesn't seen to be any tutorials on how to do make them.

I would love to give it a try if I knew how to

Hi Sharon,

I recently switched to Artisan from CM Storybook. They are very similar having been designed by the same people (as you may know). I made my own elements and paper all the time in Storybook.

I did a tutorial 'webinar' on how to make your own embellishments and posted the link on my blog a couple of years ago (look in the right column).

Hope it helps!

EDIT: I have just checked the link and the webinar seems to have been removed from the host site! I will try to make a new tutorial - in Artisan - over the next day or two. smiley

Lori that would be FANTASTIC like Sharon (my MIL) i switched to artisan from storybook creator. We would both love to see you webinar - that is very kind of you to make another smiley
I am not really interested in making my own elements, but is great to know it can be done smiley

Thank you very much I would really appreciate that Lori

Ladies, I will have to beg your indulgence! Life is getting in the way at present and I am headed out of town. I will have to look into a remake of the tutorial next week!

Just whenever you have time, thank you so much smiley

That's okay Lori just when you have the time will be fine. I think that its wonderful that you are prepared to redo your original post. Thank you so much

Hi again Sharon and Sarah. I have been on holiday the past couple of weeks. Before I left I found that the service I'd used to create webinars is no longer available for free. I have not located another one. If someone could give a suggestion then I'll create a video tutorial and post a link for you.

In the meantime, after creating my first element in Artisan, these are a few hints. Firstly, I felt that SBC was easier and faster to work with when extracting items from photos to make into an element. These are the steps I used for the extraction of the statue bust featured on my 'Art' layout using Janet Scott Design's collection Bouquet of Freshly Sharpened Pencils (available here at PS).

TO CLEAN A PHOTO in prep for making an element
1. Import your photo to Artisan and open onto a page.
2. Select the photo and open (double click on it)
3. Open the 'Selection' tab and choose the wand or lasso to loosely outline the image. (I haven't worked out how to do this quickly in Artisan yet as it seems very temperamental.) Save this and move on to the next step, or if like me you get frustrated, skip this and go to Step 4!
4. Reopen the loosely selected image, Open the 'Touchup' tab and select 'Erase'.
5. From the drop down box choose a brush size (always a circle - but you can determine its size - I recommend enlarging the image, starting with a small brush size and a brush pressure of 5).
6. Remember to stop frequently because if you make a mistake you can undo the last stroke. If you work for too long at a time you will have more to 'do over'.
7. Carefully remove the pixels around the edges of your image.
8. Enlarge the brush and then clear away all the wider pixels.
9. Congratulations! You now have an image ready to make into an element!!!

10 To do so, find and click on the image in the layers on the left side of your page layout.
11. Hover over the image and click on the drop down arrow to open the box. Click on 'Save Selection'.
12. Click on 'Save in a Personal Art Kit'
13. Choose where you want it stored and save as a PNG file
14. Voila! Now you have a new, personal element!

Note: If you are importing ready made elements they should be automatically stored by Artisan into the elements files if they are PNG files. If not, just follow steps 10-13 after importing the image into your layout.

I hope that helps! Thanks for your patience. smiley

Hi Lori

Wow! thank you so much for those instructions I am going to have a lot of fun. I hope you had a good holiday. regards
Sharon Price

Hi Lori
I have put a picture up. The horse is a cut out of a horse my G Grandfather may have trained. He certainly trained a horse by the same name.

With out your help I would not have been able to separate this image from the original photo.

Thank you so much.


Hi Sharon! I just took a peek and am so glad it worked for you!!!! smiley