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Artisan by Panstoria

I'm new to PixelScrapper and see a lot of reference to Photoshop programs. Just curious if anyone is using the Artisan program from Panstoria.

I don't think I"ve ever heard of Panstoria Chrissie but I will check it out. You never know, it might woo me away from PSE10!

Panstoria originally designed the software and it was marketed by Creative Memories as Storybook. Creative Memories went out of business last year so Panstoria re-released the same software platform under a different name....Artisan. They also have a photo management software that I used called Historian.
When CM went bankrupt I seriously considered moving to PSE, but it just seemed too much to bite off. I guess the nice part about it is there are SO many tutorials out there to help you through it.

I also have the full version of PS which I used for several years. But PSE is so much easier to navigate for me and, as you said, there are lots of tutorials to help. I have version 10 and haven't seen anything in the 2 newer versions that I have wanted to change for. If you are thinking of getting something else, I recommend PSE!

I looked at Panstoria but wouldn't forsake my PSE for it, lol!

Panstoria a program designed to make page designs quick and easy. Great for someone with little knowledge of how to use a digital editing program. for someone just starting out, or for someone that want to complete their designs quickly.

I have used simular programs. I do use Photoshop.

Good to know. Thank you for the input Patricia.

Thanks for sharing all this information. I did not realize that Creative Memories went out of business until just a few days ago. That company is what got me started on scrapbooking. In fact, my hubby used to go to crops with me and we would create books about different things we did together while everyone else was scrapping about their kids. It was a great way for hubby and I to work through our infertility, and having him by my side when walking into those crops which were emotional swamps for me, brought us much closer. Sad to think that they are no longer around to help other people.

Thank you for sharing Nancy. Yes, CM has always been my core and I so love the program. CM has now rebranded and is going by the name Ahni & Zoe. They are more into the quick album layouts now.

Chrissie, I use Artisan. Very user friendly.

I'm using Storybook Creator 4.0 which is the same thing as Artisan. I absolutely love it and can't imagine using anything else. There are a lot of options and it is very easy to use!

I am also using Storybook Creator 4.0. I wonder if there are any tricks and techniques somewhere here at PixelScrapper? I would love to learn a new ones!

I've not found a lot of Artisan / Creative Memories users on this site. I truly love the product and have found quite a few people on Facebook & YouTube who are using it and posting tutorials. I've learned quite a bit from them. Here are a few resources for you:

Pixels2Pages (Facebook and their website)
Melissa Marti (Check out her video tutorials on YouTube)
Janet Carr of Little Feet Designs (Her blog/website has some great examples, mostly made in Creative Memories) )

This is a link to a Video describing how to do Spill-Over:

Hope that helps smiley


I am an Artisan user and love p2P for all their training in the program. I have learned so much from those ladies. I was subscribed from the very beginning and they are the reason my pages are what they are. This program offers so much!

I love Artisan!

I LOVE Artisan!! I am really debating Photoshop, but just haven't been able to justify the cost yet.... Plus it seems sooo different than Artisan.

You can get a subscription to Photoshop. You can also use it for 30 days for free. It gives you a chance to try it out.

Vanessa, or you can go for a less expensive program, like Photoshop Element or Paintshop Pro. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, i think that even Photoshop users should add Paintshop Pro to their toolbox as PSP has some features that are unique. PSP is often on special. Right now it is at around $60 (and it includes a bonus from ME when you buy it even from the Corel store!!!). You can check it with my affiliate link:

Remember that one program does not have to be used exclusively.

I use Artisan and love it! I actually have PSE 12 and used to have the full Photoshop program, as well, but I find I far prefer Artisan over PSE for my digital scrapbooking. I know it sounds silly, but for me, Photoshop is almost TOO much. It's too open-ended. The options of what I can do overwhelm me and then I find I get almost nothing finished on my scrapping. I love Artisan because everything on the screen is specifically for scrapbooking. I can do almost everything I'd want to do anyhow with Photoshop, but it's easier to find, easier to learn, and easier to use. I just wish there was a specific forum for Artisan users where we could kick around ideas, tips, and tricks...

You can here. Artisan users can start threads about their interests and qestions.

How can I use the templates to make scrapbook paper from this site in Artisan and Storybook 4? I have Storybook 4 and love it. I am not really interested in learning how to use a new program because I am soooo far behind on getting my pictures in albums now.

Hi Chrissie!
I may be too late to add to this thread but I'm a Panstoria user and I love it! I'd love to exchange layouts and ideas with you.

Wow...I didn't really realize there are other Panstoria Artisan users here. I'm jazzed!! smiley I've been using Artisan for the past few years, since it was Storybook Creator, but have just recently really begun experimenting with some of the features I was too intimidated to try before. lol! I'd love to exchange layouts and ideas with other users. My email is [email protected]. Feel free to post. I'd love to hear from you!

Liz it is never to late to contribute.

Oh yay! Another Artisan user! smiley

Hey fellow, Artisan/SBC users, do any of you have any tips or tricks on how to shadow washi tape realistically? Do you use one of the basic shadows, or do you use the "customize" shadow option? I keep playing around with this but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to make my washi look realistic.

Hey Stacie......
For the Washi Tape look, I would try "Opacity" feature on the Format Tab. The "Tape" is supposed to appear flat to your page, so using the shadowing might give you a different look than you're wanting.

Just my two cents smiley

I love artisian! I love p2p's blue prints and the click and fills. I love being able to put in my pictures and then create pictures from there. I'm creative and could get into Photoshop but just don't have a lot of time with kids! Thanks for the sites stacy! Have you tried for digital paper? She has great papers too!

I use Storybook Creator. Love the simplicity. I tend to use templates to get started, as a base for the page. I often convert templates with .png's to .page format. Just got the 30 day trial for Photoshop Elements for photo editing, but not pages (yet).

I know of a FB group that seems to use this Artisan program. Maybe you can find some more folks who use it there. The group is "Your Stories Go Digital" - w/o the ". There is even a download on their page to correct a bug in the program, so, they must be in to it.

Thank you Su for the helpful information.

Yay! More Artisan users! smiley I have been using the program for years and LOVE it! I actually just started a facebook group, trying to find more people who use the program, so we can trade tips etc. Come check it out!

I'm also a lover of Artisan & Historian!! I have used Photoshop and PSE in the past and found them to be very user unfriendly... and frankly far too convoluted for scrapbooking purposes... like hitting a mosquito with an anvil. And there isn't anything we can't do Artisan! You can make it as complex or as simple as you need it to be. smiley