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Melissa LeBlanc- I somehow deleted your request to join the facebook group, I'm sorry! smiley Please try again!

OK will do!

Thanks for the links Chrissie - I loved the spillover technique! Can't wait to try it out!

I mainly use Panstoria. I will also use photoshop elements sometimes but find it's because I know how to do something in photoshop but just haven't learned how to do the same thing in Panstoria.

Thanks for the links to pixels2Pages and the tutorials!

Thank you for the info on the facebook group! I'll check it out today. Will need to get a new laptop soon, which means the Creative Memories software will need to be replaced with Artisan.

I found Pixelscrapper through the facebook page mentioned above. And likewise to many of the girls above I have used PSE and prefer artisan for scrapbooking! Its more indepth than your web based photobook type thing, and has basic photo and element editing but Its more user friendly.

Would be great if we could search downloads by file type!

Taren are you looking to search on PixelScrapper or do you mean on your computer?

pixelscrapper. I see when I search graphics it gives me the option of file format on the left after I search for something, but I can't just sort by file type and I don't see that option in kits at all.. thoughts?

Select from the tab options. Graphics, or Kits, on the left side you will see options pertaining to the tab you clicked on. The options allow you to choose file type under the graphics tab. Click in the check boxes to help you filter your options.

Could you share how you convert the templates??

If you join the group Alanna mentions above on Facebook Lori Bickford has great links to videos on how to convert. Sorry no one got back to you sooner!

I am a die hard artisan user I love it! It would be great to find a person who shares tutorials on this program!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Artisan which is now under the Forever company. I've been using Artisan for as long as it's been out and Pixels2Pages for training and free templates and more. If you want to learn more about it check out this link for Pixels2Pages I am a Forever Ambassador if you don't have one yourself.

I am an Artisan User and my biggest problem is deciding how to organize my supplies...any suggestion?

Personally I have a file for each store I purchase from such as Forever, Pixel Scrapper, Gingerbreadscraps, etc. then I make a folder under the heading with the name of kits and designers name. This way when I do a page and I want to submit it to challenges offered by many of them I know who to credit. Some forums only want you to use from their designers so this way I only use ones I have under that name. I also use tags but not for everything, just certain items such as butterflies, flowers, coffee, get the idea.

Hope that helps!

Hi all;

I've been using Forever Artisan 5 for about a year, and I really like it!

It was an easy switch from my CM Storybook software when that got disabled, and hey, I was able to bring in the CM digital kits I'd paid for!

I'd been a long time SBC/Artisan user. I've recently converted over to PSE2018, but I have done many videos showing how to use Artisan if anyone is interested.

Thank you Lori for sharing.

Artisan 5.0 is my only program. I've tried Photoshop elements, and I had so many issues with it. Maybe it was user error (completely possible), but after 5 years of having the software I couldn't figure it out. I got tired of trying to figure out how to do the smallest of things, so I finally just said I was done.
Now, Artisan is all I use.
And it's awesome.
The only thing I wish I could do more easily is make elements of my own.

I'm a die-hard Artisan user. Been using it since the Creative Memories Storybook Creator days. (I also use Historian for editing). As a digi scrapper and photographer, I know that PS is the program you're *supposed* to use, and so I have tried it multiple times, multiple versions. And every time, after spending an hour unsuccessfully trying to do something simple in PS, I came to the same conclusion: why waste time and energy (not to mention the wear and tear on my hair from metaphorically ripping it out) when I could pull off the same thing in about 5 minutes in Artisan/Storybook? I love it!

All that matters is what works for you Mandy!