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Best camera for a newbie

Ok not sure if this is the right posting area, so please forgive me if it is not. I have recently got into scrap booking. It is now time for me to take the plunge and get a better camera. I would love some recommendations. I know I don't want a huge bulky camera and I admit I know nothing about photography (when I look on sites and it get all technical it scares me!). So I guess I need a good point and shoot camera.
So friends, any suggestions?

Sarah we did have a discussion on camers at one time, but I was not able to find it. If anyone else knows where it is please post the URL.

There are so many cameras out there, so the question is: How much do you want to spend? What size do your want? DSLR or not? The MegaPixel size.

I have used 1 megaPixel camera, so many years ago to now a 16mp DSLR. It is a Fuji DSLR. I find the fast sutter speed is great for taking shots while traveling. Taking action shots. Taking shots at a distance. For quick shots I use my phone camera which is 8mp, since it is smaller and easier to take.

I am going to move this to Chit Chat forum. It will get more responses there. Please go there for comments.

I also went through all the forums to try to find the link and couldn't find it either so you're not alone Judy.

Sarah, as far as recommendations go, if you want great pictures just keep in mind that the higher the megapixels, the better quality your photos will be. The first camera I ever purchased for myself (back in 2012) was a 16MP Kodak EasyShare camera and I'm in love with it, I still use it on the go if I'm not using my iPhone or my fancy Canon Rebel. If you don't want something huge and bulky then you definitely want a simple yet quality point and shoot. I've also had really good luck with Canon Powershot point and shoot cameras, Nikon Coolpix and of course Kodak EasyShare.

If you want more help, shoot me a message and I'll help you shop around online. smiley

thank you so much for all your help. I am going to go camera shopping next week.

I have a Nikon DSLR, but when the hubby wanted to get a good point and shoot with manual options for learning, we bought him a Cannon PowerShot. He's had 3 now and I bought myself one about 3 years ago for when I don't want to carry all my gear or there's a danger of damaging my equipment on hikes, etc. The reason 3 over the past 10-12 years was to no fault of the cannon but our own. Once we took it in a Canoe trip (bad idea, LoL) Second one I drop kicked across the concrete driveway while carrying it to the car. He still has the third one and I still have the one I bought over 3 years ago. I got lucky and got mine at a Thrift Shop for $20 used!!! I'm a NIKON person typically all the way, but after tons of research and about 12 years later... they've earned my respect! Good Luck on your purchase.

It's hard for someone to say what you should get exactly because it depends on so much. How much you want to spend the purpose of the camera, how much you want to learn and grow in photography. But if you're looking for a good starter point and shoot with manual capabilities until you learn (so you can still do auto mode if you need it) for less than $150 I say Cannon is a great option to look in to. smiley

thanks for your post and advise on not taking it canoeing.

smiley You're definitely welcome! haha

Don't get too hung up on equipment. I use both a point and shoot and a DSLR. Some of my favorite pics have come from the point and shoot. Its a canon "digital elph" from a few years ago. It's small enough to fit in my pocket and ready to go anywhere. It works great for layouts since I typically use smaller picture sizes on my pages. If I want a photo to fill most of the scrapbook layout, then a photo from my DSLR is usually more appropriate (more megapixels so I can print it at larger sizes without loss of quality). If you're just starting out in photography you may end up shooting in the automatic modes of a DSLR for awhile before being comfortable enough for shooting manual. so until you're ready to jump into manual I would save some money and go with a new model of any point and shoot since the newer models tend to have plenty of megapixels. But if you want to focus on your photography skills, I recommend a canon or Nikon dslr (mine's a rebel t3i). GOOD LUCK!

I use my cell phone or the basic Kodak easyshare. LOL!

My sister has a Kodak Easy Share and she finds it very easy to use. She is electronically declined, lol; so I would think it a safe bet.

I always feel like photography is akin to golf- and that you can spend a lot on equipment but in the end it's really practice that makes the difference. Have fun shopping!

In the end I got a Canon SX501 (I think). It takes good shots and I got a good deal on it - so fingers crossed. Thank you all for your help - much appreciated.