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PSP: Calendar Making Class

I am not sure where to put this "tutorial" mention. If it goes somewhere else, please, let me know (and admins can move it too)

It is this time of year again: time to think of holiday presents.
If you are new to PSP, or new to scrapbooking (or both), this class is a fantastic introduction to scrapbooking with PSP.
It includes everything you need to get started and complete a 12 month calendar project that you can get printed afterward.
Instructions in video and written format are easy to follow.
Exercises are fun to do, and a great practice for tools that might be new to you.

And if you are already a regular PSP user, you can still create a calendar as a present since all the supplies are included.

Get started here

(this is NOT a free class, so if it is not allowed, or needs to be moved somewhere else, don't hesitate)

@Carole: Question for you... What size calendar will the class be teaching people to make?
8"x11" (with room to write appointments & such in the boxes) or one of those 2-page ones
(with picture/month on one page & calendar grid on the other)

Each page is a quick page (where you just need to add the photo and the month), 8.5x11, so the top half is the "scrapbook" part and the bottom part is the calendar section for the dates and such.
This allows you to print them at home if you want, or use a standard format in the print shop.

In the preview, the dates are in the center of the boxes but you can move them where you want (on the top right, on the bottom, etc.)

Carole thanks for sharing.

Thanks Carole!

Gracias por el tuto.Un saludo