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Creating Actions

Has anyone created their own actions in PS? I've heard it's pretty simple...

It's REALLY easy Jennifer!

Bring up the Actions panel just as if you were going to use an action you already have. Have some sort of photo or document open that you can just use to record the action. Then press this button -

Name your action and press record -

Now you're recording your action, so you just do whatever you want your action to do. Like, if you want an action that resizes your photos, resize a photo. If you wanted one that puts on a solid blue color layer, put on a solid blue color layer. Whatever you want the action to do, do it. You can put on however many layers you want or do as many things that you want.

When you've done all the things you want your action to do, press the stop button to stop recording -

That's it! You're done! You want to be a little bit careful what folder you're on when you start recording. If you're in the default actions folder, that's where it will put your new action. Or if you're in a different folder, it will put your new action there. And the buttons might look a little different depending on your version of Photoshop. But super easy!

If you click on the 4 stripes in the top right corner (you can see it in Jill's first & third picture) then you can also make your own set. That way you create a new folder.
If you want to add an action to an existing folder you can do it like Jill showed, you can change the folder by clicking on the triangle beside 'set: default actions'(see Jill's 2nd picture), there you can choose a folder.

Hi Jennifer. I'm just starting to get a little experience with actions. I can do basic actions like running a gamut check, by changing my image mode to CMYK and then back to RGB.

However, with more detailed operations I get stuck. The problems I have had with some of my actions are when certain layers are locked, but the action is not set to unlock the layers before rendering the action and they give me a lot of error messages...(if that makes any sense). Like many jpeg pages like papers are locked when you first open them. However I've noticed that a lot of png elements are not.

For example, I had a brad that I wanted to batch edit multiple paper patterns to. So I opened up each paper file and I wanted to clip each paper to the brad, then save and close each one out. I kept running into errors.

I just keep practicing and going on YouTube.

Here is a YouTuber named PHLEARN that gave me a lot of insight on how to batch edit actions:

I hope this helps.

Actions can be tricky to get everything to run smoothly! I have no advice, just commiseration!

I really like actions but I use German Photoshop and so often have problems with actions which were created with English Photoshop...