CS6 - Scripts > Export layers to files... Error

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CS6 - Scripts > Export layers to files... Error

I use CS6 and I'm trying to export layers to individual files but I'm getting an error:

I have been successfully executing Scripts > Export layers to files... for months and all of a sudden this is happening.

Any ideas?

Kayl take a look at:


See if that can help you.

To no avail unfortunately smiley Thanks for trying, though!

Did your Photoshop update? It's weird that it suddenly stopped working. You could try replacing the script file. Or restarting your computer if you haven't smiley

It actually started working randomly. The error popped up for about a week and then suddenly I tried again and it worked. I'm not sure what happened! A restart didn't help, that was one of the first things I tried but for whatever reason I don't have the issue anymore and I'm back to layout conversion. smiley

Glad to hear. It could have been any number of reasons and it could pop up again. Conflicts do exist and cause problems.

Weird. I will now live in fear it will randomly break for me. I use that script a lot. smiley