Does anyone use CraftArtist Pro?

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Does anyone use CraftArtist Pro?

Hello, everyone! I'm new. I use (or try to use) CraftArtist Pro. I love the way it's laid out and it's a good fit for me, but it crashes every 5 to 10 minutes. Does anyone else have this problem with it or is it some quirk between the program and my computer? In the interest of full disclosure, I have loaded it with several kits that are not from the DaisyTrail site. I also have PSE6 but have problems with it also!

I have it, but have not used it. Try using it in a compatibillity mode. Right click on the link icon. Go to Properties on the pop up menu. Select the Compatibillity tab. Check off Rin the probram in comp. mode for - than chose the mode. Try a couple of different ones. You can also check off run the program as an administrator.

See if either helps.

Thank you so much for this information. I would have never known to try this. Now I do! Thank you!

Judy, I tried your suggestion and CraftArtist didn't crash once in an hour and a half! I'm really hopeful now! Thank you so much!

So glad it worked.

Judy, just a quick FYI. If you decide to try CraftArtistPro, a Patch just became available on their site. I don't know what all it will fix, but I thought I'd let you know.

Thankyou Melissa, I will be installing it But at this time I am very busy.

I have CAP2, but have to admit that I don't use it much. Mostly I use it to "see" what something will look like when I'm creating. I have a hard time picturing in my head what something will look like, so if I can create it digitially, so that I can see how colors will go together, or if I like this or that, with it, it helps give me an idea on how it will look if/when I actually want to create it. I may not use the exact elements, but even just being able to see if the papers I want to use look good together before I start cutting them up into smaller pieces and then deciding I don't like it helps and saves my paper from getting wasted. Plus, since I have started using/creating my own digital papers, I can see how they will look with other things before I print them out.

I would love to find some tutorials on how to use CAP for more than just a "preview" of what I want to create.

There is a wealth of tutorials on Serif's website.

I use CA2 and i love it smiley

Here are a couple of links to lots of tutorials with Daisy Trail.

When I First started with Serif I purchased DSA2 and some of the tutorials for it really helped me learn Serif and with CA2 it is a lot of the same but I suggest joining the Forum as there are many tutorials mixed in with that. I don't care at all for the format of the forum. It is a little confusing but just click on questions from others and you may find what you need.

I really love the software and great for scrapbooking but I wanted to be a little more creative like making my own elements so finally bought Photo shop Elements 10 and love it too.

i use CAP2 ... i love it , its so easy to use also, i do have photoshop and paintshop pro but i find those programe so difficult to get going, wouldnt be without my cap x

I use CAP2 and absolutely love it. Especially the cutout studio. I use this all the time

Hi I have crafts artist pro but have never used it. maybe I should give it a go as psp is atrocious if like me you are new to it, I don't even know how to get a color chart up in it yet and I have tried all sorts.

Craft Artist pro is so easy to use and there is a ton of tutorials on you tube