ELEMENTS Anybody Buying the new Elements 12

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ELEMENTS Anybody Buying the new Elements 12

It sure has lots of new additions. I would really like to but the cost and it still seems like I just bought 10. "Time sure flies when you're having Fun!" I read some where if you wait a few months after a new release you can get for half the price.

11 was out not to long ago. it seems that software companies just keep updating too soon.

I just bought 11 a few months ago, so no update yet. I'm still learning this one. Of course, if Adobe offers a free upgrade, I'd take it. (Ha!)

You can only hope.

I didn't realize 12 was out yet. Do you know if it has the "autosave" feature? That would be one reason I'd upgrade. LOL.

Sorry I just checked out all the new features but I didn't see anything about autosave. Here is a link with the new additions


and another


I went over again and didn't see and then did a search but I did it very quickly so maybe you can check a little slower and find.

I just moved to 11, mostly because I love being able to use actions without having to backload them. I won't get 12, there's not enough differences that I'd use.

I know last year you could get PSE11 on Black Friday for about half price on Amazon. Maybe there will be deals this year?

12? I am still getting used to 9. >_< LOL

I'm new and I'm starting out with Elements 12 so nothing to compare but I wanted to comment They will be up to Element 20 before I get this thing half figured out. LOL

I'm like the rest of you, I just got 11 last year. I love Elements 11 and am still learning things I can do with it.

Anyone interested in the upgrade, it's on sale right now through 02/07/14. Just thought I'd share. smiley


I use PSE for doing my LOs and CS6 when I have a need for styles more shapes (easier to load them). I jumped from PSE 10 to PSE 12....the biggest difference I found (although I don't know if it was in PSE 11) is that I can right click to create a clipping mask...it is definitely a time saver especially when using a template. They seem to put out new versions every year and for what changes they make I don't think it is worth upgrading every year....way too costly even on sale!

I just bought 11 a month before they release 12 .... I purchased it from Amazon.ca .... both Amazon companies ... .ca and .com sell it for around $70 a few times a year .... I got mine for $70 and that included the 13% tax as well with free delivery

Sometimes it is best to wait on new software for all the bugs to be worked out.