ELEMENTS: Drop Shadow on Own Layer

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Judy, can't wait to look over that video! But I have to get my reports done that I actually get paid to do before I can play! BOOOO!

I have spent days looking for an easy Elements way to do this! Thanks so much!

Thanks you Amanda. great information smiley

WHAT??!! This has been the only reason for wanting to upgrade to Photoshop- I can't believe you can do this in Elements! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! (You just saved me a lot of money!)

I didn't read this whole thread, so this might be posted already. I found this the other day when I was doing a tut that was being done in Photoshop and my PSE couldn't accomplish the same thing with the shadowing.

Simply Tiffany - Shadow layers with PSE


Thanks so much for this most excellent information, Amanda.