ELEMENTS: How do you make Overlay Transparencies?

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ELEMENTS: How do you make Overlay Transparencies?

Can someone please explain how to make overlay transparencies or direct me to a tutorial on how to make my own. I have such a different desire of the type I like to use that I need to be able to create my own. Thanks in advance if anyone can help me with this.

What specifically are your trying to make? If you want to save something with a transparent background, you'll need to turn off all the layers except the one you want and then save as PNG. If you're trying to do something else, I'll need a bit more description.

I guess off the top of my head something with a little grunge and flower for background/paper. I guess you would just start with a transparent background and use brushes to make some grunge and then add a flower with a brush or template then save as a png. I checked out Just Jaimee's site and what she was talking about with a transparent overlay but I could not find where she told how to make it.

That's probably how I would do it too.

I´d do it like that too. I´d put a white "fake background" layer to help me see if i´m doing this right, and delete it (making the background transparent) before saving...

Brenda, I know Just Jaimee converted a ton of Mommyish's JPG textures into PNGs, and I, too, am very curious to know how she did that.

Layers .... if you want to make a transparent document put each of your different brushes on a layer by itself ... if I am using light tones I will add a black background, if they are dark tones I will add a white background ... on different layers that can be removed later. If your layer if not transparent enough lower the opacity until you have what you are looking for. Play around with the layers ... it's surprising the effects you can get. When finished you can merge your layers or just simply save as a png ... don't forget to remove your black or white opaque layer first.