ELEMENTS- How to size layouts to be shared on Facebook?

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ELEMENTS- How to size layouts to be shared on Facebook?

My jpg file always uploads HUGE, what do I need to do to have it appear normal? Thanks in advance for your advice.

Most Facebook photos are really small--like 500px on the long side if you're lucky! Once you finish your layout, save a copy at full size, then resize the image (I tend to prefer the Bicubic Sharper method for the resize calculations) and save a small jpg for Facebook.

It's basically the same thing you do here with resizing images for the gallery. (You're almost to enough community points for gallery access here, too, should you want to share layouts with us!)

Thanks, do you save it with the save for web setting?

It can work, though sometimes that'll make for an unacceptably blurry image. It's kind of a trial-and-error thing, though, as the setting that works on one image can, because of the combination of papers and images and textures on another layout, look like a 1998-era web bitmap.

If using Photoshop:
Go to Image > Image Size
The image resize dialog box opens.

Here you will see three check boxes at the bottom. Make sure they are checked off to ensure that the:
The styles are scalled.
The Proportions are still the same.
The image is resampled.

Now change the size of the image. If the boxes are checked off you only need to change the width or the height. The other will change automatically. Save as jpg.

Upload the resized image and see if that is what you want. If not. Delete the uploaded image and resize the image again. You will have to play with it to get what you want.

If the image is what you want for facebook, than it should work with webpages.

google facebook cheat sheet - has dimensions in pixels for fb profile page

Thank you!