ELEMENTS: Tutorials & Freebies (External Links)

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ELEMENTS: Tutorials & Freebies (External Links)

The Following is a list of Photoshop Elements tutorials and freebie links that have been discovered outside Pixel Scrapper. If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave it in the comments below. Please also visit the Pixel Scrapper Tutorials Forum because many of the Photoshop Tutorials can also be adapted to work in Elements.

Video Tutorials

Designer Digitals Over 100 Videos
If you prefer written tutorials

Nancy Archer Referred Creating Shadows in Elements

Scrapping Guy, Lots of How to videos

About.com: Creating Out of Bounds Photos

Essential Graphic: Creating and Using Premade Edges around Photos

Red Leaf DigiScrapping: Creating Custom Background Papers

About.com Graphics: Creating Vignette Effect

Hummie’s World: Four Selection Tools

PhotoLesa.com: Creating Polaroid Frame

Screencasts.com: Creating Textured Papers

Judy Salerno Referred Beautiful Mess Studio: Replace color
PS but can adapt to PSE

Creating Custom Drop Shadows in PSE
Scrap Art Studio

Written with screen shots

Alibony: Creating Textured Papers

Judy Salerno Referred Linda Matthews: Repeat Patterns

Everyday Elements: Clipping Masks

Judy Salerno Referred Replace Color in Elements

Freebies To Download

Scrappincop: All types of Freebies

Deviantart: Free Paper Textures

Deviantart: Free Paper Texture Pack

Brusheezy: Free Brushes also Patterns, Textures, Shapes

Brushlovers: Free Brushes plus Styles, Patterns

Obsidiandawn: Free Brushes

Brushesdownload: Free Brushes, Layer Styles

Photoshop Elements 11 Video Tutorials

Photoshop Elements: Improved Smart Brush

Infinite Skills: Magical Magnetic Lasso Tool

Infinite Skills: Creating a Reflection

Jacks Tech Corner: Blending Modes

Michelle Stelling: Create Papers using Brushes

Michelle Stelling: Intro to Scrapbooking using PSE 11

Quality Control Checks For Designers

Inspired by Dominic

Thanks Brenda!

Oh wow these will definitely come in handy!

Thanks Brenda these are great!

So am I in the right place????
I feel so dumb to ask this but how do you get the little circle curser to stay on the eraser program.
It comes and goes and I can't seem to live without it now.
I tried the preference thingy and thought I had it solved but now that doesn't seem to help.
I posted this on another forum but I think it's defunked.

Also forgot to add thanks for all the links, I put them in an email and sent it to myself so when I'm waiting (doctors office) I'll have something to read.

Wow, Thanks for all the links. I love learning new things. There are so many talented people out there and so little time to learn all the neat things they share. smiley

Cathy, I'm sorry no one has answered your question. I really didn't even see that someone had a comment up there on the sticky.
Actually I don't understand the question. I have PSE 10 but my eraser stays on the Mode that I used last. The options are across the top once you click on eraser and my options are in a drop down from mode. They are Brush, Pencil and Block. Then the Brush is actually a circle and needs to be re-sized most of the time to be a circle I can see so I just click on the size and adjust it to the size I want with the slider. There may be a way that I am not aware of setting a default.

I will check the sticky more often for questions since I am not notified yet as to when there are comments. I hope that will be fixed soon for all of us. Thanks and sorry I could not be of help.

Thank you Brenda for these links. They will be very useful as I want to spend more time and learn PS.


Thanks for the links -- as my late dad used to say "Knowledge is never wasted."


Thank you will go and have a look

Thank you so much! Can't wait to explore!

Thanks for all these links, they will definitely come in handy.

I found this great video on creating custom drop shadows. Very easy!

I hope I understood you question correctly: to keep the eraser circle curser to stay on-
go to preferences>display & cursers> "other cursers" click on precise.
hope this helps!

I am new to this group and this post just made my day! Thank you!

Thanks for this link Elise....I have bookmarked it.

These are all so very helpful! Thanks so much!