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Photoshop Elements Techniques is a print & digital magazine devoted to PSE. The site, at http://www.photoshopelementsuser.com/ has a LOT of information in both video- and text-based tutorials, plus you can subscribe to receive either a print copy of the magazine, a digital copy of the magazine, or both. It's well worth checking out. They also have a forum at http://www.elementsvillage.com/forums/.

Sorry to all, but this site and forum have been closed since mid-2016 smiley

Enjoy going through them.

Thank you... great info all at my fingertips!

There is another site that hasn't been mentioned yet - Photoshop Elements User:


They have a huge amount of tutorials - both video and text - covering pretty much everything you could imagine. They also publish their own magazine Photo Elements Techniques which you can subscribe to (print, digital or both); the cost is quite reasonable as, not only do you get 6 issues per year, you also get access to every issue they have ever published. They also post new tutorials weekly, and have their own discussion forum. If you want to 'try before you buy', you can get a free starter kit which includes 2 recent issues plus tutorial videos and sample articles. Then, when you subscribe, you get free gifts on DVD as well.

Oh, and each issue has extras you can download (images, textures, actions etc) so that you can follow the step by step tutorials in the magazine, too.

I would encourage every PSE user to at least check it out.

UPDATE: The site and the magazine, are no longer in operation smiley

Thank you Robyn for sharing.

An even better list! I've had Elements for 2-3 years now and only been able to minimal stuff. This will get me further down the road!

So glad I found this page. smiley I am a newbie to all this so anything I can get my hands on to understand it all is useful Thank you

wow great list

Very nice, I have a lot of learning to do!

I just got PSE 15 for Christmas. I will be checking these tutorials out. Thank you for sharing.

Super list. Thanks for sharing~

You are welcome

Wow, so many great ones, thanks! smiley

I know that no one has commented here lately but this list of links has been so helpful to me! I am just barely scratching the surface of PSE and need all the help I can get in understanding how to really use the software. Thank you for all the links!

You are welcome. Check out the discussions for Software Specific Questions. You will find several threads covering PSE.
Happy Scrapping!

I just took a beginner level video-based tutorial lesson series today put on free by Scrapaneers. You can find their website at: http://scrapaneers.com/

If you are a raw beginner, like I absolutely am, their beginner series is free and was a great tutorial. I was able to do everything explained and got a lot of my "raw newbie" questions answered.

Thank you for these!!! I can always use tips since I'm new to PSE (although not new to digi scrapping).

Thank you Brenda for all the goodies and extras these are amazing and helpful xxx Leann

Thank you so much for this list!!

I have previously mentioned here a magazine called Photoshop Elements Techniques [PET]; the bad news is that the magazine ceased publication in 2016. The good news [and it is good!] is that every issue is now archived on the Complete Digital Photography [CDP] site.

Note: The original PET site also had video tutorials which are NOT on the CDP site; they are currently working on getting the videos up on YouTube, but this hasn't been completed as yet.

Here are the links you will need:

To download individual issues [and their associated extra files], go to the Magazine Archive [The extra files are images, etc that you can use to follow the tutorials in the magazine.]

To search for a specific article, go to the Article Index; you can then download the issue that contains that article.

If you have a fast internet connection, you can download all the issues and all the extras in two large .zip files from the Downloads page.

Although the video tutorials aren't available as yet, many of them had accompanying PDF 'cheat sheets'; these can be searched for and downloaded from the Cheatsheets Index.

For more information, go to the FAQ page.

You can also sign up to receive news and updates on the Updates page.

Please be aware that the earlier issues cover very early versions of Elements, so some information won't be relevant to more current versions of the program, but they are still well worth reading!

I hope this helps some of you!

what was the actual web address for this site Robyn, have you tried Way Back Machine... A lot of times when they archive sites the vid and downloads transfer too, depending on different factors. I have actually managed to retieve free download links that had been archived quite a while before... it's hit and miss I don't know the actual address of this PET site, so I did not bother to try