FREE Scrap Bootcamp for PSP users

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FREE Scrap Bootcamp for PSP users

Still new to PaintShop Pro?
Still unsure how to use it?
Join our FREE 7-day Scrap Bootcamp, starting on March 10th.
We'll go over installing and setting up your PSP, the principle of layers and the basic manipulation tools and commands. Then, with all that knowledge, you will be able to create 5 scrapbook pages, and later use those new skills in a variety of projects (even non-scrapbook related). Register now:


You can follow the bootcamp without even purchasing PSP as you can use the free trial version for 30 days.

May I ask quickly what the minimum version of PSP can be used for the Scrap Bootcamp?

There is no real minimum. The videos are done using PSP2019, but since it is demonstrating the basic tools and commands, everything will work with just about any version. Initially, this was done using PSPX4. I redid the videos this year, so that is why it uses the latest version.

What version do you have?

Most version, with the basic tools & commands, have stayed the same over the years. They may have changed location in the menus, but they're in there somewhere. If you can't find certain things, you can still access them through the Customize window.

Great, thanks! I have versions 7, 8, & 9, and then 12. I thought maybe the 12 might work with the class. (But I LUV still using 8, LOL!)

Thanks Rachel. That's what confuses me about the different versions, the changed locations. smiley

Don't worry. If you have any question, I have all versions installed, from 8 up to 2019!