PSP - Great Gradients (Live Presentation)

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PSP - Great Gradients (Live Presentation)

We will have our live presentation Sunday, April 6th, at 5pm Eastern Time (like Montreal, and New York time)
The topic will be about gradients in PSP.

You can register HERE and it is free.

Thank you Carole

Looking forward to it, thanks Carole.

I haven't signed up yet because I'm not sure I can make it (trying to get our taxes done), but I'm hoping I can as gradients is a subject I'm very curious about... I just hope I don't get distracted by your voice, Carole - I LOVE accents & that sometimes throws me off! smiley

Hehe Lizanne! At least, you can always ask me to repeat! Too bad there isn't a filter that exists to change my accent to whatever accent the listener uses. Wouldn't that be cool?

You know, you can always register even if you cannot make it. At least, it sends you reminder, just in case.

The recording is now live in the Campus.

Enjoy the 47 minutes class.
(it is free to watch, but you have to be logged in)

Watching now Cassel - love your videos. smiley thank you