help with psp x16

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help with psp x16

hi i went from psp 10 to psp x16 what a difference is there any easy tuts out there that will help me pls? i cant even load my plug ins or orther stuff like presets,patterns,scripts,tubes etc lol feel dumb lol any help thank u so much.Joyce

try going to their website ... they will have lots of tutorials there Paint Shop Pro

PM'ing ya, Joyce. Let me know if it doesn't come through. smiley

Paintshop Pro X6 is the first version that came with a 32 bits and 64 bits version. Unfortunately, many plugins were created for 32 bits machine and won't run with 64 bits software. If you install the plugins through the 32 bits version, many plugins should work, although some plugins are simply old and might have issues working with newer software.

hi ladies thank u, ms Lizanne can u give me the link i will think about it? and ms Carol i will try that ty.

Sure thing - just pm'd you. smiley

hi i tried to do all tru 32 bit one and nothing i do feel dumb and disscouraged smiley

Are they still not working Joyce? I know that I run 32 bit just to use my plugins, and then I will run 64 bit to do other labor intensive vector based projects... but there are very few of my plugins that don't run just fine in 32 bit.

When I had to reinstall PSP (something in the software had crashed & the only way to fix it, unfortunately, was to do a reinstall), I also had to reinstall all my plug-ins. Some didn't work (like the Birgit's Chaos filter, for instance) & I had to give up on them, but most worked. And a few that didn't work, I was able to get to work by installing Filters Unlimited 2.0 & then importing them into that program (I think those were Mura's Seamless, the Simple filters, and Toadies). Is it possible that you have some corrupt filters or are putting them in the wrong place? And did you point PSP to the folders you put them in? (File-Preferences-File Locations-Plugins) And also put a check in the "Enable plug-ins" box? It's in that area you can add the locations. smiley

Not sure if someone mentioned it, but you may need to convert your filters using FM Patcher & Plugin Commander Light to use your filters.

If after trying to convert them, they still don't work, you may have to say goodbye to those filters.

i think there r some other dlls u need before the plugins can actually work....abt the patterns, tubes and other such stuff, u might need to register the software and they will mail u the download link. i use X8 and had to do the same thing.