ISO: PSE/PSP designers familiar with using (or making) actions

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ISO: PSE/PSP designers familiar with using (or making) actions

I didn't quite know where to post this question, but I figured I would try this forum first. I am in need of a small testing panel consisting of PSE/PSP-users (new or older versions) who are familiar with using or preferably even making actions! For those of you familiar with my designs... I make lots of 'puffy felt' kits like these (comment #22) and I made my own action in Photoshop turning any layer into a puffy shape... I'm thinking of selling this action, but I need some testers to perfect it. Since I have no clue if and how PSE/PSP works with actions, I would love some expert advice here! And the perk; you get to keep the action (or recieve the perfected one)!

Please send me your mail adress via the Pixelscrapper contactform, including a little resume on your level of experience with actions and ofcourse the program and version you work with. Just in case I get tons of admissions (you never know smiley); I will only pick two or three people, so please don't be disappointed when you don't make the cut!

Thanks in advance everyone!

This may fit better in the digital scrapbook forum. You can move it if you're still looking for testers.

Also, I've used the action and it's fantastic!

OK, i'll move it over there. And yes, Marisa has already preflighted the action, but she has Photoshop... So you can't apply this time smiley

Oh my! I already want to buy them smiley

Shucks!!! I have been dying to see, use, try it since we all first talked about it months ago. smiley but alas, I have PhotoShop 5. smiley
Can't wait to see it... smiley

I sent you a mail. I work with PSE 8 and already made some actions work in PSE. I really would like to test your action for you.

@Shawna: What about making a line on front of Melo´s store, as those people did to buy Playstation 4? I can bring some playing cards...

Haha, you girls crack me up! I can already imagine a digital traffic jam caused by my puffy felt actions and you two turning the waiting line into family game night, ROFLOL!

I already have a lot of emails, thank you all so very much for wanting to make the time to testdrive this action for me! This is my first time creating something for sale, so it is quite nervewrecking. So glad my friends here support me (as always). I need to do some small alterations to the action (like adding a sort of how to use this action preface thingy). I will let you know before the month is over whether you made the testpanel or not.

Keep those emails coming!

I just saw this! I'll send you my contact info. LOVE your puffy-goodness! Use PSE 10 as my primary and PS secondary. Would love to try out those actions. smiley

Melo's gonna have her own black friday get in line at 5am sale! smiley
Lorien: I loooove games!!!! Cards, Dominoes, Board Games!!! Bring It On!!! BTW: Did I mention that I'm a little competitive, too? smiley

Let´s see:

-Playing cards: Check
-Cat-shaped pillow: Check
-Monopoly card game (the board doesn´t fit on backpack): Check
-Winter clothes (it may snow): check

Hope Shawna don´t forget the snacks...

Ladies, you make my life happier smiley

Testing has begun... I have emailed all that have applied. I am starting with two lucky ladies, and will hopefully expand the testphase with all others that have made the team. Good luck and... Go team! smiley

The action testing has hit a bump, as the ladies in the testing team have undoubtedly guessed after this long long silence... PSE11 users have no problem using the action, but older versions aren't playing nice. I am trying to tweak it together with Cat (thanks Cat!), but it will not be ready for testing this year smiley

I will keep trying to make it suitable for older versions of PSE, but if I don't succeed I will release it for PS only (and PSE11). If any of you who applied think they can help fix the action, please email me! I have no idea what I'm doing, since I don't have PSE...