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Krita Digital painting software

I there anyone using krita? I just found out about it and what I liked is that, besides being a multiplatform free program (available for windows, linux and mac) it can deal with svg files besides our usual jpg and png. (There are other extensions it can deal with too) I've been finding it easier to learn than inkscape since it has more similar functions with photoshop than with inkscape. But when I start adding layers it starts to lag. So I'd like to know if any of you use it or if you have a way around this problem.
This is the link for it if you'd like to give it a go:

Hey Cintia!

I use Krita too - or at least I used to - but not for scrapbooking. For me personally it's a little like a step down from Photoshop, especially for what you're using it for right now. That said, I would advise you free up as much RAM as possible while using the program. Close all other tabs that might be sucking your PC or laptop's resources, which Krita will sometimes want to hog on smaller devices. That's what I did with mine and it usually tones down the lag a lot.

...buttt it's still not as fast as I would like, admittedly, not until I switched to a different PC entirely, so this might not be of much help. By default, Krita only uses half of available ram, so if you have 16gb of ram, Krita will start using its own swapfile after using 8 gb for image data, like layers and undo information. Which means lag.

A good step would also be to check their Q&A website, forum, and IRC to see if anyone else can help you.

Hi Joyce,
Thank you for the imput, I looked around the forum and Q&A but it seems like that is just the way things are, as you said. I'll try to alocate a little more RAM to it and see how it goes. So far, I like it to deal with my svg files because I can work with them easily and it did not happen in inkscape... I made a LO in it too (Just to get a hang of things you know) and I liked it. There are a few tricks it can do with clipping masks that got me really amused!
So far so good! smiley

Hehe! I just noticed this thread...
Glad that you looked it up, Cintia.
I find it slow to do a layout with too, so that's why I only use it for brush work or layer styles at the moment.
Good luck with getting it a bit faster for what you need.

Hi Lou,
Yes, I still love Craft Artist for my LOs, but it is nice to learn new things and I am liking Krita for some designing (when it comes to the svg, since I would just run away from those files before. LOL!) but Photoshop is where I do most of the things I share in kits...

I spent a while trying to fix this issue on my computer and the fix that finally worked for me was turning off graphics acceleration .

Krita is free, open source, and very powerful. It is great for beginners who don't have the money for photoshop and you can do most things that you can do in photoshop. Have fun and enjoy!

I really like Krita and got a XP-Pen Artist 15.6 Drawing Tablet With Screen . it's easier to draw directly onto the screen instead of on a pad linked to the screen. Gives it more of a natural feel to it .