Looking for good free software to convert HEIC to JPG

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Looking for good free software to convert HEIC to JPG

Looking for recommendations for a good free software that I can use with Windows 10 to convert the new iphone HEIC file type to JPG or some such. or even something on his iPhone so that we can then move them to the PC already converted.

Didn't realize that there was this new file type, and my husband shoot all his photos from our son's wedding in the new defaulted HEIC file type. Can't even view them on our laptop.

Tried searching the forums, but didn't find anything coming up on this topic yet.

Does anyone know if the photos are really better in this format, or if we should just be resetting his phone to shoot in JPG again so we don't have the hassle of converting?

Thanks for any help.

You can download the software to your PC to use.


I haven't found the app yet but using google photos and making a collage with 2 pics gets me the jpg pretty fast. But there is also pixellio, free in the microsoft store if you have a PC.