MACOS file in PSE2018

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MACOS file in PSE2018

I am just learning how to upload files to PSE2018 (yes, very beginner!). I use a PC but I noticed that when I uploaded a file it had an extra file with it called MACOS. I read that it was something to do with being created originally in a MAC. My question is: can I safely delete this file to save space or is it important? Sorry if this is obvious but my brain knows nothing at the moment!! smiley

I'm pretty sure that file can be deleted. I use a Chromebook and I will admit, I've never even looked in that folder. A Chromebook can't open that file and I've never had a problem opening files that contain that folder. My Chromebook just gives me a message saying unsupported file type.

Yes it can be deleted. I use a PC, so I delete them all of the time. As you stated they are created on a MAC.

I suspect they're some sort of Mac housekeeping file and aren't even really crucial if someone wants to use the original files on a Mac. I've deleted the MACOS files in any kit I download (PC user).

I always delete those, and I have for over 13 years!