Needing new scrapbooking software

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Needing new scrapbooking software

What do you guys recommend for digital scrapbooking. I was using CraftArtist, but the computer that I had it on died and they have shutdown the website so I cannot get it back. I am looking for something that is pretty easy to use. I do not design my own backgrounds or embellishments or anything, so I just need something that lets me take what other people have already made and make my own page out of it.

I think Adobe Elements could be good. It may have more functionality than you want, but you'll be able to find more tutorials for it. Also, if you ever want to do more, you'll be able to.

Yes they closed down Daisy trail, but they are still offering support for old software.
I still use Craft Artist on my Win 10 laptop. It runs great.
If you do not have the download file contact customer support. See if they ave a link to the download file. It was always hidden. As to registering the software. Enter the key code, try to register. If that does not work, click register later and than proceed to use the program.
Have you tried to install the program?

I'd also recommend to check out PSE, there is a trial version to dl so you can see if you like this sort of navigation. smiley

I'll offer another option which is Paintshop Pro. It is not better or worse than PSE, but it has some tools that PSE does not have. I teach PSP for scrapbookers and non-scrapbookers. I have scrapbookers, card makers, designers, etc. in my membership.

You can check it out
and you can start with the super basic lessons here to get acquainted with the software:

PSP also has a 30 day trial version.

Check out My Memories Suite, they also offer a free trial.