Paint Shop Pro - Drop shadow settings

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Paint Shop Pro - Drop shadow settings

Do you have some default drop shadow settings that you use for papers (mats) elements and is there a way to save them, so I don't have to manually adjust each every time?

Here are my general guidelines:
1- The thicker the object is, the larger the shadow will be.
2- The closer an object is from the surface, the more definite and darker the shadow will be (not blurred).
3- Tthe further an object is from the surface, the lower the opacity will be.
4- Shadows will not be identical if they are on two surfaces at the same time, especially if they surfaces are at different heights.
5- Shadows are almost always black; their reduced opacity will give the illusion of a color matching the surface.
6- The darker (or busier) the surface is, the darker the shadow will need to be.
7- The direction of all the shadows in a project should be consistent.

If using a full-size project, here are my go-to settings for PSP:

Ribbon: Offset : 15, Opacity : 60, Blur : 15
Paper: Offset : 10, Opacity : 60, Blur : 10
Tag: Offset : 10, Opacity : 50, Blur : 10
Button: Offset : 20, Opacity : 70, Blur : 20
Beads: Offset : 15, Opacity : 50, Blur : 20
Frame: Offset : 20, Opacity : 50, Blur : 20
Flower: Offset : 25, Opacity : 40, Blur : 30

Once you have set them, save them as presets and call them "ribbon" or "paper", etc. so you will know which ones to get. Of course, you can always tweak those settings for specific situations if a button or a flower is larger/smaller than usual.

Hope it helps.