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Paintstorm Studio

Have any of you guys tried Paintstorm Studio?

It's only $20, I bought it last year but have yet to really get into it. It has such magnificent brushes though, and lets you blend colours like real paint. It might be useful for making scrapbooking papers maybe? I'm interested to know what you guys use it for if anyone else has it, to gain some inspiration. I always mean to give it another go but keep finding myself back in my super old version of Photoshop.

I have not heard of this, I took a look. There is a trial version for download. It is always nice to try something out first.

Oh yes I found the trial version very handy for checking out its features, and making sure it worked with my Wacom tablet. I can't survive without my drawing tablet!

I had not heard of it either but it certainly looks interesting and fun....too bad I don't have time to play with it. smiley

me too... am off to go look at that one... you can never have enough paint programs or brushes!! love them brushes!!!

It's always so hard to find time for these things isn't it.

I'm sure you will like it Amanda, because it has lots of really cool brushes!

There's a tutorial for using them to make a really nice tree here if you want to try it out with the trial version:

Thank you Sabrina I shall give it a go today sometime smiley