Photoshop actions ?

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Photoshop actions ?

I'm pretty new here on Pixelscrapper, but I have already seen so much beautiful things and learned a lot since I'm on this site.
I used to digiscrap for a long time a few years ago and recently made the first steps in digiscrap again and bought Paint Shop Pro 2020 because I always used that program. I really love the program and mostly can follow tutorials that use photoshop.
But now I saw a beautiful video from Marisa Lerin about the plaid maker.
If I'm right that plaid maker is an action you put in Photoshop ?
But does this work for Paint Shop Pro also or is this just totally someting else ?

And if it is not working in Paint Shop Pro, can anybody give my some tips on something like the plaid maker for Paint Shop Pro

Thanks for the answers
And I hope I put this question in the right place on this forum

Hi Esther smiley There isn't that much in terms of PSP going down here, maybe it is because Corel made a lot of users unhappy with that app from 2017 on. I agree it used to be a great app and I checked it out once because it handles vectors too. Check this site for PSP.

Hi Bina,

Thanks for you answer. A lot of things I can do with PSP what I'm seeing over here. But some actions are so cool....
Thanks for the site I will take a look at it

Hi Esther,

I work with PSP for many years now and really like this software. Currently I'm using PSP X9 but also own PSP 2019. But I know what you mean, because so many people use Photoshop there are so many great actions out there ...

Actions in Photoshop are like the scripts in Paint Shop Pro, a row of instructions for the software so that you don't have do every single step. I think the difference is, that when you open a Photoshop psd-file with an action that includes styles in PSP, the effect of the styles doesn't appear because it's not a permanent change to the layer like a filter it is more like a clipping to a layer. If this is not correct, could please somebody who uses Photoshop correct me?

And no, you can't use Photoshop actions in PSP. But you can use these actions in Photoshop Elements.

This is how I use Photoshop actions:
I normally work in PSP but when I sometimes want to use a specific PS action (or a style), I switch to Elements, use the action there on the graphic, save the file as png and switch back to PSP. If the file has more than one layer, I have to save this layer as single png-file and copy it back in my file as new layer in PSP.

I'm sure there is a better or easier way to do it, but this works fine for me. Most of the time I use filters and scripts in PSP. I also installed the 32 bit version of PSP on my computer because all the old 8bf-filters don't run under 64 bit versions ...

I don't know if Marisa also has a tutorial for the plaid making or perhaps can explain the single steps of the action to you, than you will be able to record your own script.

Hi Gonda,
I already bought a plaid maker script, I couldn't resist.
I'm definitely going to see if I can make a script from a different kind of plaid.

Actions are for Photoshop and scripts are for PaintShop Pro. Just about any action can be replicated as a script (when you know the steps). As an example, I do have three scripts in my store, to make plaids too.

If you want to see a lot of scripts for PaintShop Pro, check out my store. PSP is my specialty.

I know several Photoshop users who have also gotten PSP just to be able to use my scripts.

@Carole I have already bought a lot of scripts from your site smiley

Photoshop uses both Actions & Scripts. They can be separate or compliment each other. For instance, a stand-alone PS script I have is CVW_ScatterThings by Christy VanderWall which duplicates & scatters layers around the document and a Script/Action set that compliments each other is Anna Forrest's & WendyZine's Preview Maker which includes a Photoshop Script & a set of Actions (or did, I can't seem to find it in Wendy's shop anymore.)

Aibhne is correct: there are "scripts" for Photoshop, but they still would not work in PaintShop Pro as they are using different computer languages.

If anyone is interested, I am going to hold a free live class on August 2nd, 2020, on Using scripts in PaintShop Pro. You can register here:

Last week, we had another class on using scripts, and the edited version of that class is now available HERE (for the month of September, or until it is replaced by the October class).