PHOTOSHOP: Can you change the shape of an element?

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PHOTOSHOP: Can you change the shape of an element?

Hi all,

This may be a silly question - but if i have downloaded a straight ribbon (for example:, but i want it to go around a circle picture - can i somehow change its shape so it looks like a circle ribbon? (ie so in the example above the elephants look like they are walking around the photo) Or a star ribbon etc?

Any help appreciated! Thanks


p.s. if this is to vague i can give some examples! Thanks! smiley

There is a tutorial that may - or may not - help you on the third post of this site:

I don´t like the looks of using this technique, however. It usually look too computer-generated.

Have you tried to use the puppet warp tool. It is great for reshaping objects.

Thanks so much! I will have a look at these when i get the chance!

Anna, I am not sure if this is what type of circle you are looking for and it may work for you but may take a little playing around with it to get it so it looks natural. Please check out my blog I have a tutorial how to do this with brushes and I have done with straight ribbons also. It is the 3rd post down Sept 21, 2013. Hope it helps and is what you want.

You can also use the polar co-ordinates filter. Make sure your ribbon is horizontal rather than vertical. Horizontial will create a circle, vertical will create a sunburst effect...

Yes, the polar coordinates filter is the way to do it .... Filter, Distort, Polar Coordinates .....make sure rectangle to polar is checked. If you find your element hasn't closed up you may need to make it longer. If it seems mishaped and squished make the element longer length wise ... it will look mishaped until you have placed the filter. Sometimes you have to do that a couple of times before you get the look you want, especially if it is something like lace or leaves rather than a flat ribbon. Play with it, it's fun to use.