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Photoshop Cloud?

Is anyone using photoshop via the cloud? I decided I want to upgrade from PSE but really don't want to do the cloud. I have Photoshop CS2 and tried to re-install it but I'm running into issues. I tried to dl via adobe which is supposed to be the fix since you can't register it but that won't work for me either. I'm willing to pay to upgrade but I'd like to hear from a hobbyist first.

I decided to try it for 9.99/month so maybe I can answer questions about it.

From what I understand if you use the cloud you can also download the software to your computer and use it even if you are not online.

As for an install problem. You can try to uninstall PSE. Reboot the system. Try to install Photoshop again. If it goes this time you can reinstall PSE.
Photoshop can be a bit touchy at times and may not always to in. Another problem may be the OS you are running. If it is Win 8 Photoshop CS2 may not run if it is a 32 bit program and your OS is 64.

You are correct Judy. I downloaded from the cloud and I don't have any conflicts with my PSE. I am using the 64 bit version of PS. I am working my way through the tutorials here. So far so good. Thanks for your response.

Photoshop CS2 can be wonky with Windows 8, but I have had some success at making it work. If it is having problems running it in "Compatibility Mode" (setting it to Windows XP or Vista) can help. Making sure it is "Run as Administrator" helps, too. (Though, when it comes to computers, sometimes you just have to "hold your mouth right" and pray! LOL!)

To find these settings, open up your windows menu and right click on the program "charm"(icon). A little bar will pop up at the bottom of the screen and you'll want to click on "Open File Location". Right click on the Photoshop CS2 icon and select "Properties". Click on the "Compatibility" tab. Check the checkboxes for "Run this program in compatibility mode" (It should automatically have XP service pack 3 selected, but you can select another if you want) and "Run this program as administrator" and click "Apply".

I am contemplating signing up for CC, too. It looks like a pretty good deal, all things considered. smiley

I use creative cloud & really like it. It gets regular updates which is nice. I subscribe to the full Adobe suite & the 64 bit programs.

If your thinking about getting the cc -this week (june 16-21) creative live is featuring Adobe Creative Cloud. The live classes are free too smiley

creativelive is amazing! if you haven't watched this class you really should!

Thanks Bre! I've been too "cheap" to mess with the cloud stuff. So I'm checking out the vids this week while they are free. I guess when you just paid several 100 dollars for the software a little over a year ago and now we're supposed to pay so much per month for access, it kind of frustrates me a tad. So this will be a nice way to check out if it would be of value to me this week. smiley TFS the link!

Your welcome! I was a bit put off with the monthly price too at first but it's not too bad with the student discount. (If you have kids you qualify for it too!). With the discount I pay $22 a month for the full suite.
The way I justified paying this (in my head, lol) was even going to the movies once a month your going to pay over $20. So if cutting out a 2 hour entertainment from my budget gives me 30 day access to something that I see as an investment, wasn't such a big deal smiley

I decided to try CC when they were running their student deal and love it! I am still learning how to use it, but it has been well worth it and I always get the latest and greatest versions so that makes my hubby happy smiley

Seems that everyone here has a positive feedback on CC. I'm still on the fence though... especially since I have CS6, I'm not sure there are enough updates to justify a monthly fee when we've recently purchased the software.

The cloud is CS6. With the monthly fee you can download CS6 to your computer. So you will not gain anything at the moment.

Ok, thanks for the clarification, Judy ! I don't know why I thought that the cloud was an updated version of CS...

It is named differently to separate versions/types. For us to make life more confusing

Photoshop CC definitely has some advantages over CS6. One reason I think eventually I might go to CC is the possibility to edit movies in Camera RAW in Photoshop. In CS6 you can edit movies in Photoshop, but not in RAW. Here are some more changes…

Photoshop CC: All-new Smart Sharpen, Intelligent Upsampling, Sync Settings and Save to Cloud, New Camera Shake Reduction (Image Deblurring), Conditional Actions, Improved 3D painting & effects, Copying of CSS attributes, Editable rounded rectangles, Multi-shape and path selection, Camera Raw 8 support, all “Extended” features now included.

Thanks Maria ! I probably won't take the plunge right now, not enough new features to justify it... I need to feel like I've had my money's worth with CS6 first smiley

I sit right where you do Sandrine... I had just purchased CS6 for several 100 USD. I have no children, I haven't been into a school (even college) in almost 20 years and so I paid FULL price. It just made me mad that with in 2 months of buying it they went to a online membership version. But I can't justify paying that until they do a whole lot of upgrading and FREE included with type situation. LoL I used CS2 until buying CS6, so I think it will be a while for me to "break even" too. You're NOT alone smiley