PHOTOSHOP: how to create journaling cards from any kit

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PHOTOSHOP: how to create journaling cards from any kit

Hello everyone smiley

I've written a script for photoshop which let's you create journaling cards from any kit in your stash. You pick & choose your papers and elements and let the script do the rest. there are also video instructions included how to use it.

Thank you Anika, Will take a look at it.

Thank you Anika, can't wait to use it!

Clicking right now to check this out smiley
Thanks !

Thanks for sharing Anika!!! This looks like it could be very useful, Awesome!!! Great video tutorials smiley

this looks awesome ~gonna check it out cause its popular using journal cards almost in every page or kit

Amazing! I am using Gimp and am so new to this digital scrapbooking stuff. I've had a really hard time figuring things out. While things didn't work exactly as in your video, it worked easy as pie and I created a Project Life card in the snap of a finger. Thank you! This site is beyond amazing!

So glad it worked for you. It is wonderful how everyone shares and helps here. Welcome to PixelScrapper

i'm glad it worked for you smiley and YES, this is what makes this place so amazing smiley i learned sooo many new things here!

thanks for sharing, I will definitely check it out! I'm always modifying journal cards from other kits to match my layouts

Here I leave a link to a tutorial video where I explain how to make templates project life (in Spanish)tutorial

Thank you Ana for sharing.