Photoshop Organizer and upgrading

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Photoshop Organizer and upgrading

Hi! I've been attempting to teach myself digital scrapbooking on a very outdated version of Photoshop Elements. (I have Elements 5.0, from 2002, and never upgraded it since I was mostly using Picasa to edit my photos for paper scrapping. But I finally decided to try switching this year, since hauling out my supplies with toddlers was getting complicated.) Since I discovered this site and a couple of blog trains, I've been going crazy downloading supplies, and I need to get them organized. But I'm hoping to upgrade my Photoshop before the end of the year, and don't want to take all the time of tagging everything in the organizer if the tags won't transfer to a newer version. Does anyone know if it carries over to an upgrade? Or is my software just way too out of date and I should wait?

I guess I should ask the same thing about my pages in general, since I've been having trouble even getting basic templates to work without just having to layer everything on top and resize manually.

I don't even know about the Photoshop Organizer. Is that particular to Elements, or perhaps it was eventually replaced by the Bridge? Not really helping much here, but you may want to wait before you put too much effort in as that will probably be a pretty big upgrade from 2002!

@Marisa I honestly don't know if it's particular to Elements, as I am not the most techie of people! But thank you for the input. I really don't want to waste hours on organizing if it's all going to get erased!

the Organizer comes with PSE(Elements), Bridge comes with the full version of Photoshop.

I think the tagging should stick because it becomes part of your jpgs and pngs.

I just checked some items I tagged in my Organizer way back when I used PSE
When I'm in a folder and I hover over an element I see a few things including labels: paper, travel, blue etc.... all the tags I put in for that element.

So when you tag an element it stays with the element even if you look at it outside of the Organizer, so I'm sure it will carry over to an upgrade.

@Patricia Thank you, that helps!

It is well worth it to upgrade to the newest version of PSE. There are many new features. Organizing you stash does start with keeping everything well organized with Windows Explorer. This way you can find your items from within any program that allows access to the files.

As to what Patricia stated the organizer will find exact photos and videos by searching on combinations of people, places, events, and other subjects. You can find a users guide here: