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Accidentally found a new one today while trying to fix a downloaded color palette so that all of them in my inspiration folder are already in gamut... hitting ctrl-shift-Y while IN THE COLOR PICKER shows which shades of that color are out of gamut! Handy for knowing if a color is going to go out of gamut super-easy when it gets a texture or shadow added, which means I can make better palette choices now.


TY, Holly!!!! smiley

What a FANTASTIC thread!

Great thread.
My daughter took a digital photography class at her high school last year and I taught her something her teacher didn't know.
If you want to draw a perfectly straight line (or erase) If you hold the shift key while you click the start of your line and the end of your line it will be perfectly straight. Just make sure your grid is turned off if you are going diagonally.

I found yet another one. When you've drawn a shape using the Pen tool or used a Custom Shape, clicking the white arrow (a couple of tools below the Pen tool in CS5.5) and then clicking the shape will show the vector path outline...but then you can click on the outline and select the various points that define the shape of that vector layer, and you can move them individually with the white arrow, use the Convert Points or Add Point or Delete Point tools (alternates from the Pen). You can also shift-left click the points with the white arrow to select several of them (and, for example, make a ribbon shape longer, or a square frame rectangular). It makes working with and creating layered vectors in Photoshop SO much easier!

Now my only reasons for using Illustrator are the Pattern creator and the Pathfinder tools (and the Pathfinder only because uniting or subtracting and having it stay in a vector format is a nice thing).