power point anyone?

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power point anyone?

hi, was wondering does any one here use powerpoint to create pages ? my main concern is does the picture quality is good when you print your pages, like in any other editing software you can control the dpi. thanks

I've heard of people using Power Point, and I think there may be a setting somewhere that will set the DPI when you export. I don't have Power Point myself, so I can't have a look.

Thank u , I have tried it but it seems restrictive, I thought I would get some know how on it

One way to find out the resolution ... save the export and have someone open it up in Photoshop for you and taking a look ...

thanks Susan, will do that

Annu, custom size your ppt slide to 12 x 12 & after finishing your page, save the slide as JPEG INTERCHANGE FORMAT...your page will be saved as a 3600 x 3600 dpi or 12 x 12 inches...for print quality, print & see if its as you want.

PowerPoint is limited as to what you can do. For one thing you will have to edit all your pictures in a photo editing program, which would also create pages for you. Is there a reason you chose to use PP? It is a presentation program that will create slideshows.

Hi Judy...I do all my LOs in PPT, the latest version 365, is quite amazing smiley smiley smiley ...PPT might not do everything that Photoshop does but for making scrapbook LOs, its more than enough. But if you are a designer & you need to create elements or things like that , than of course it isn't enough. I use Photoshop for certain things but 99% PPT ONLY!

But to put together photos, backgrounds, elements, etc, etc, its more than enough!

1. It has transparency layers,
2. Gradients,
3. you can create frames,
4. add shadows
5. create shapes, tags,
6. add artistic effects,
7. Remove backgrounds,
8. make patterns,
9. add text effects,
10.clip text to paper,
11. It crops pictures, etc ...

& a million other exciting things that a non-regular user wouldn't know about smiley ... it need not only be used for creating presentations...depends on how well versed you are with the application!!!.

I create presentations to teach my students, as well as make LOs to upload to galleries with PPT! smiley

Edit: I encourage you to check out my gallery...you will understand what I am talking about! smiley

Very nice, it has been a long while since I even opened PP. I used to teach it, but that was more than 10 yrs ago.
Looks like it does what you need.
If you save your PP as PDFs you can set the settings high. You can than save the pages as jpg at a high resolution. Than you will have good quality to print. As an added note the PDFs do save file size. So you can delete the jpg when done and recreate when you need to.

No need to save the PPT in PDF format, Office 2010 onwards the option to save the entire PPT in jpg interchange format has been available; every slide in the PPT or any one particular slide can be saved in jpg interchange format (as 12 x 12 jpg image), just like you would save a LO in PS after completion.
Office 365 is even more advanced...you won't believe the tricks you can do with it!

Thank you Chitra, I use paint shop pro actually but have recently started designing school resources in ppt and its like a whole new universe of creativity that I have tapped into, but I wanted to know if the pictures and colors stay the same when printed and they dont get compressed.

The best thing would be to print one & see,... smiley smiley

Annu, if you need any help in creating elements with PaintShop Pro, let me know. That is what I specialize in!

sure thing Carole smiley
thanks ladies

Hi Chitra, this is amazing, I didn't know all of that. Can you use layer masks and brushes as mask as well?

Thank you Chitra! I have seen a couple of videos on ppt pages. I will have to play around with it. I'm new to this!

I use powerpoint for almost all my digital creations. It seems so much easier. I changed it so it would make high resolution images a year or so ago, but couldn't remember how. So I found this video. I hope it helps.