PSE 15 Missing data ??

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PSE 15 Missing data ??

I'm trying to add custom shapes to PSE 15.

However, on the preset manager, there is no Custom Shape in the drop down, which online says there should be. Also There is no Adobe, Preset file at all. I did update this from a previous version years ago and I did have one of my hard drives fail. The computer tech moved my files from the old drive to the non-failed drive. I thought something might have gotten lost in the move, but when I checked the old drive I didn't see a Preset file there either.

Any PSE experts with ideas?

They don't have their own section. If you have it already saved as a .csh file, place it in your custom shapes folder manually. Then when you select your custom shapes tool, it should show up in there.

There should definitely be a presets folder. I just checked my PSE 15 to make sure. I would need to see what you're seeing to help, I think.

in my File Explorer Address Bar it looks like this:

Local Disk (C:)> Program Files > Adobe > Photoshop Elements 15 > Presets > Custom Shapes

She meant the preset manager, that it wasn't listed there. Yes there is the presets folder, just not accessible through the preset manager inside the program.

Lisa, do you still have the original setup file on your computer? If you do, perhaps you could reinstall PSE. I imagine that would repair any corrupted or missing files.

I do have the original disks, but we're in the process of moving it is at the old house. Luckily I'm going back this week, so I'll pick it up then.

Thanks for your help everyone.

You're welcome, Lisa!