PSE: How would YOU take an Embossed shape and fill a page

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PSE: How would YOU take an Embossed shape and fill a page

And Would it hold the embossed layers after filling the page? I know most things have several ways of doing so would like to know if any of you have tried or seen a tutorial anywhere on ways to do this. I love embossed backgrounds and have seen designers that have done it. Maybe it is only possible with PS and if so I would be interested in that way too so I could see if I could adapt to work in PSE. Thanks in advance for anyone's answer to this.

If I remember correctly, PSE does NOT have the capability to create repeating patterns, is that right?

Because, one way to achieve the all-over embossed look would be to fill your page with the shape you want, by using a pattern*, using a very light gray color then add bevel and emboss and a simple shadow effect. Save the layer as a transparent .png then use the file as an overlay.

* If its a simple repeating shape you want, like a circle or star, I could create a repeating pattern for you if you like, PM me if interested.


I would take an existing overlay and just emboss the whole thing. You should make the pattern first, then emboss later (it's more versatile that way).

Rose, Yes, PSE 10 has the capability to do repeating patterns. Not sure maybe some of earlier versions didn't have the capability.

Marisa, I think you and Rose are saying basically the same thing and at first I did not quite get what you mean and now I have tried it and I see what you mean with versatility. I just tried with a simple shape so now I will try with a little more detailed. Thanks to both of you. I wasn't quite sure which way to go, doing the emboss on the shape or on the page after the pattern was made.