PSP Curving Text HELP!

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PSP Curving Text HELP!

I can not remember how to curve the text around an object in PSP. Can anyone help? Thank you!

Hello Melissa smiley
This is called text on a path. The object you use must be a vector object. You can use a shape or use your pen tool and make a squiggly curved line, whatever you want your text to go on. Then you use your text tool set to vector text and place it on the edge of the object and you will see the cursor change to having a smiley under the A. Just start typing. After you are done typing, hide the shape layer if you only want the text to show and export as a png. Hope this helped. smiley


Hi Melissa! I just wanted to add, if you want the text on the inside of a shape, convert to path, grab your pen tool and right click on the path and choose Reverse Path, then get your text tool and hover for the smiley, then type. smiley

Got it (: thank you!

@Kim, Thank you for sharing and helping.