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Which is a better setting for color?

In PSP there's only RGB or HSL. I'm wondering if my color setting should be set to HSL for better color? There's no option for CMYK.

Well not really lol. I know I should be using CYMK but PSP doesn't have that as an option. At least not in the color preferences. I'd have to do a few other things after I did the coloring as opposed to before. I'll have to play around and see if it changes the color or not.

Are you creating for print, screen or both? HSL accompanies all colour modes as it's considered to be more user friendly & mimics the way we mix paints in RL. Also, if you only have access to RGB and plan to print, most printers will accommodate, the print preview will be pretty accurate if the drivers are up to date.

I always work in RGB and haven't had any issues with print.

Oh ok! Whew.

Hi Rachel!

My color setting in PSP is set to RGB.