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I'm new to scrapbooking but I use Corel Paintshop Pro for my photo editing and have also made some scrapbook pages as well. I have never used a scrapbooking specific software so I cannot comment on anything about them. I do know that Corel is very user-friendly and also pretty inexpensive.

I started using Corel Draw back in the day. I used it for designing graphics for websites and powerpoint presentations, but not for scrapping. Once I found digital scrapping, I started with an early version of Photoshop Elements. After a few years I switched to Photoshop and went through the various versions until I settled with my current software, PS CS6. That being said, I've seen some great stuff being done in less expensive programs, so it is really open to your own creativity. If I were to go back in time and start all over again, I would still choose Photoshop Elements, and then once my skills improved, switch over to the full Photoshop Program.

I would definitely recommend Photoshop. You can get the 'photography' bundle which has Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC for $9.99 a month.

Hi there,
I’m new to digital scrapbooking, and use the Procreate App on IPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. I have been using Procreate for Modern Calligraphy and Lettering and realized it would be very easy to scrapbook this way. I have been a paper scrapper forever, but never wanted to go digital until Procreate. I am into photography and use Lightroom, so I have an understanding of Adobe products and Procreate seems so much easier. I’m just puzzled why I can’t find any other Procreate Scrapbookers!? Maybe because it’s relatively new?
If you use Procreate, let me know I’m not alone!

Leah, I find Procreate limiting. Maybe I just didn't find my "groove" with it.

I was solely a PC user for the longest and started with Ulead Photo Impact until it went out of business. Then I moved to Photoshop Elements and have played with GIMP, Paint.NET, Pixlr and Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, too, before just deciding on keeping Photoshop (CS3 and CS6). I recently got an iPad too (which is almost completely useless without network connectivity but that's another story) and the only equivalent to Photoshop I have found for the iPad is Affinity Photo, BUT, I'm impressed with the things I have been able to do on it compared to Photoshop! I will agree, Photoshop is more powerful but from a digital scrapbooker perspective, Affinity Photo is great! And I am learning to design in it, too!

I would say Microsoft Publisher would definitely be a better option than using Word for scrapbooking, too, though!

And there's a whole different world for scrapping on a device versus a computer! smiley

I have PhotoPlus 11 (Serif). Photoshop Elements 5 and Ulead Photo Impact XIII. Photo Impact was taken over by Corel however they never updated the last version and it disappeared. I still use PI the most - probably because I'm comfortable with it having used it for so long but I do like PhotoPlus. I have only ever used a PC and now have a Microsoft Surface Pro. I have tried GIMP however just couldn't seem to make it do what I wanted but I'm sure that would be the operator and not the program:)

Hello Keryn, Serif now has an upgraded suite. It can now import from Photoshop and cand do what Photoshop can do.

I use Photoshop CS6, I think this was the last "real" version without having a monthly payment.

I use a combination of inDesign and Photoshop CS6 (the last version before the monthly payments). I use inDesign for layout and Photoshop for editing or recoloring elements if I can't find the exact twist I'm looking for. I had both programs anyway because I'm a graphic designer (and photographer).

My 5-year-old daughter is watching me type this and asked me to put a smiley face. smiley

I use MyMemories (currently). It is great for beginners, user friendly, no software learning curve and will allow for all the basics of scrapbooking. The folks on the forum and other websites tend to like PhotoShop for anything advanced. But since I plan on not becoming a designer, and I love the layouts I'm able to create with plain-ole-boring MyMemories, I see no need to "upgrade."

My only gripe is, I have purchased elements because I like the "example use" photo, and then learn that MyMemories won't allow for that, requires photoshop. I wish the designers would state that in their posts.

Hi Lola! I am so happy to find another MyMemories user here! I get what you mean about how things look. I avoid PSD files, or layered files in general. So most the PSD templates are just not that useful, unless broken down into png pieces, and then it takes almost as long as creating from scratch. However, I find that I still manage some very interesting layouts with the single layer png files, especially masks. Try layering them a couple of times. I assumed you were talking about layers, but maybe not.....for me the biggest gripe is not being able to turn photos inside of masks. Whatever way the png is created and downloaded (horizontal or vertical) is what I am stuck with for the image.

You should be able to use a basic photo editor to rotate the mask before you import it to MyMemories. There are some instructions here.

Marisa - You are so right! I should turn a bunch of the masks and then reload them! Sometimes I just don't think......


Thanks Marisa for the tip. It is nice to find another MyMemories user; we've got to stick together. Have you found a good forum that has use and tricks tips? Most of the blogs (even on MM!) use PSE for their "designer tips of the week."

Lola -I will preface this by saying I have only been using MyMemories software since October 2018, so not very long at all. But I will say that I have NOT found a very active forum for tips and tricks using MyMemories software. The "Got Questions?" section on the MyM Forum is not administered by MyMemories (or even monitored by creator company Storyrock as far as I can tell). Rather, a few individual users very kindly help when they can. Probably 50% of the time I asked a question I was directed to tech support for MyM, who ARE quick to respond. Beyond that, forum questions dealing with tips and tricks could go WEEKS without a response, and sometimes I would never get one. After several months, I dropped my user account, mainly due to slow/no assistance, the lack of a gallery, and the fact that most activity seemed to be connected to MyM designers and their Creative Teams. Things are much more brisk for general scrappers over here at Pixelscrapper.

When I was first learning the software, I found some old and not-so-old videos to be pretty helpful. Here are some links:
There are seven video tutorials from Connie Beard that were solid:
My Memories own PDF and video tutorials:
Lisa Jurrens on Vimeo (old but still helpful) (scroll down the page to see her MyM video links)

Maybe a question for Marisa is whether we could/should start a MyMemories Tips & Tricks thread here if there are enough of us MyMemories users floating around the Pixelscrapper Forum. I am not sure it would be any different or better than what exists, but the helpfulness of the Pixelscrapper community is unparalleled, so there is that!

You can start a specific thread for My Memories if you'd like. Over the years, we've certainly had lots of people introduce themselves and say they are using My Memories, so there should be some people around with experience. Also, check out the guidelines for this forum to see how to post a question specifically for your software type.

Thanks, Marisa. I will keep this in mind the next time I am puzzled over something in MyMemories!

I'm in for a MyM forum. I agree that it is hard (or impossible because it doesn't exist) to find MyM specific answers when working with "tips and tricks" of great scrapbook design. And I will 1-up-ya: I've been using MyM for 2 months! Yup. I just discovered that digital scrapbooking is even a thing only 2 months ago, but I love it.

I also agree, that PixelScrapper is a great community. I've been doing some blog-diving on individual designer's blogs, and Marisa has a dedicated following from 5-6 years ago. I am still getting my feet wet in this entire scrapbooking world, I have to figure out what blogs to follow, what forums to post in, what monthly activities to participate in. PixelScrapper is certainly in the top 3 communities I've found and I'll probably stick around for a while smiley

So, Lola and Marisa - I got brave and started a thread question related to My Memories. I hope I did it correctly. Here is the link, and we will see if there is any response! Hopefully! smiley

Your post looks good Celestine! Hope you get an answer.

Ok, so ive just recently restarted the whole digital scrapbooking and design (nothing anywhere near shareable yet smiley ) However, when i was doing this years ago... I used Photoshop, Inkscape (i think ) and scrapbook artist. This was a good 6-7+ years ago. Now I have a wacom tablet and with it I got Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter Essentials 6 these seem to work for my shirt designs but when it comes to layouts etc... they are hard to work with... I miss photo shop and like the OP am regretting not buying it when i was a student. Anyways can anyone tell me what is most similar to work with. I looked at GIMP but all i remember from it is deleting it, i can't even remember why

From what I've found, Nichole, GIMP and Krita seem to be the best free analogues to Photoshop. You could also look into a copy of Photoshop Elements for a hopefully less-expensive-but-similar-controls option, or Paint Shop Pro.

I've never heard of Krita, I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Hi this may be old news but l would like to add my two penny worth as we say.
For starters l would suggest Adobe Elements. [This is a cut down version of the Photoshop Program. You can pick up older version very cheaply , the latest version is under £100 or $100 I cant remember what it is priced at but l know its cheap.
Then when you feel ready to jump into the 'Adult' version of Photoshop it is to buy outright very expensive. HOWEVER.. If you can afford $10 a month for a year then you can sign up to the latest program and you also get ALL the updates while your signed up.
Illustrator is almost double the cost so you do have to think hard and long Will you use it? The plus side is that your then invited to the expansive AI & ESP files which a lot of designers do use. Plus a few of the Copyright free books from Dover include a lot of files in this format plus TIFF. Photoshop can open them but you dont get the ability to amend an image in these formats.
I hope this might help.
I do apologize if lm giving out 'Old' News..