Seamless patterns in illustrator

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Seamless patterns in illustrator

I'm trying to learn to make seamless patterns in Illustrator. I have gotten all the way to the part where I make the pattern and it shows up in my swatches. What's confusing me is when I create a new document, the pattern swatch does not show up. It never saves. I can use it when I am on the document where I originally created the pattern but not on any new documents. So basically I can only use the pattern on the document where I created it. Is that how it's supposed to be? I thought the swatches would carry over from one document to the next. Am I doing something wrong? The tutorial I watched didn't mention anything about needing to save the swatch separately but maybe there's a step I'm not taking?

I'd love to know what tutorial you used! I'd love to use illustrator for my pattern making but I cannot for the life of me figure it out, even with tutorials! The swatch things sounds odd... It should carry over to other documents... Hopefully someone can help out!

This is the one I used - Spoon Graphics

I'm totally new to Illustrator and it went pretty fast so I kept having to pause, but to me I'd rather have something go too fast & have to pause and replay than something that goes too slowly.

The main problem I have with Photoshop and Illustrator is that things you think would be the same are different. So swatches in Photoshop stay there forever, whereas in Illustrator you have to load them to each new canvas you want. In order to load them, you first have to save them. This is just like you would do in Photoshop if you were making a set of brushes.

How strange! And a bit annoying!

So there WAS a missing step! Thank you Marisa!