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Shadow Effects

Shadow Effects
Sites you can find tutorials, videos, and discussions on how to add shadow effects to your elements using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro, Gimp.

From Shawna

I found this great tutorial full of wonderful tips for making realistic shadows on your scrapbook layouts with Photoshop... Also by Megan Turnidge with a set of layer styles included.

eta: realistic cluster shadows tutorial (12/11/12)
I found this video tutorial for realistic shadowing of clusters on Kristin Cronin-Barrow's blog, done by Christy Haig here.

eta: 5 more realistic shadows tutorials (12/13/12)
Here is the Sweet Shoppe link to several more awesome shadowing tutorials including: Basic Shadowing Techniques: Layer Styles, Basic Shadowing Techniques: Anatomy of a Page, Shadowing Acrylic and Plastic, Lighten up, baby!, and Using the Distort>Wave Feature on Shadows in Photoshop [enJoy!]

From Marisa

This is a good one from Megan Turnidge:

From Melo

We had a lot of discussion about shadowing on the forum before and some great tuts were recommended back then. This thread is full of them:
Janet Scott posted this one:
And there are some great tuts for PSCS in the software section too, although not all on shadowing:
Marisa explains how to make inner shadows for cutouts:

Having a 'Shadowing Tutorials' in the PS/PSE tutorials is a great idea. I'll look into that immediately. Glad you found the shadowing tuts helpful. I found another great list on the DailyDigi, right at the end of this post:

From Janet Scott

I adore this tutorial by One Little Bird.

From Paula Kolarik

-----> many ways to create custom drop shadows and this one uses the smudge tool. (this video is 42 minutes long)
If you want to bed & warp your shadow/manipulate it half to death! Check out-----> (This one is done in Photoshop but I used it with Photoshop elements 11 by following her steps and combining with the tutorial I listed first -since I didn't have a warp tool, I put my drop shadow on the layer below my paper that needed the shadow -by hitting control j to duplicate the item I needed a shadow for, then control clicking on it over in the layers palette so I had my marching ants- and using the paint bucket tool I filled the selection with a dark greyish color then hit ctrl d to deselect...then I used the smudge and blur tools to "warp" it my way like I saw done in the first tutorial link @@@ shown above at top!
I ran into this tutorial on drop shadows yesterday and here's the link if you want to read some more! (I haven't went through it all yet, but saved it in Spring pad so I could read it when I get a moment!)

From Nancy Archer

Thanks! I create shadows using a tutorial by Simply Tiffany. It have a lot of success with this method

Here is that link.
She also has a list in there of reference numbers for different types of elements and their shadows. Hope this helps someone as much as it helped me!


There is a couple of Threads full of helpful information

ISO: Photoshop CS tutorials for shadowing

ELEMENTS: Drop Shadow on Own Layer

From Karry Dempsey

Excellent tutorial for shadowing both sides of an element

I though this was a great tutorial. If you really want your elements to "pop" off your pages and you need to shadow both sides take a look at this. I can't wait to try it.

shadowing both sides of an element

Tell me how you "attack" shadowing in your scrapbooking artistry...

A nice discussion thread to help you with shadowing:

This is cool, thank you for doing it smiley

You are welcome!

Looking forward to trying some of the tutorials on PS

Thanks for putting all this together, Judy - it's good that all the information is in one place.

this is helpful. thanks so much!

Thanks for putting this together!! VERY informative!! smiley

You are welcome!

Thanks for the helpful information and links.

Judy... do you have any links for PSP?

No none were supplied. But if you take a look at what was done with Photoshop you may be able to do it in PSP.

Oh, I've tried in the past... Problem is some of the stuff went over my head (since I don't have an art background) & the options are different enough that it's not always easy to figure it out (it's like apples & oranges). If you come across any for PSP, I would appreciate it if you would post them. smiley

Will do. Sorry you have had trouble with the difference in the programs.

Lizanne, check out this class in the Campus:

(just log in to access it, or email me if it is not working)