Silhouette Studio for button badges - Help !

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Silhouette Studio for button badges - Help !

Hi there,
I make lots and lots of button badges and I recently bought a Silhouette Cutter to save me time on using my badge cutter that cuts each badge individually .. In Silhouette studio I have create a page with 30 Perfect circles on and the aim is to be able to drop my designs (which are done in photoshop) straight into the circles then print, cut and make... Unfortunately when I do this i then have to spend ages moving each design with the cursers to get it to fit perfectly in the RED Cut circle .. Is there a way to just click my design and BANG its in all my cut circles perfectly with no faffing about ???
All your expertise and advice is welcome
Many thanks

I think you can drop the image right into the circle, and it should fit in the shape. That won't leave room for any bleed though around the edge if you wanted that. You could either make a template with two circles and drop the image in the outer one. Also, Silhouette studio has an align tool you can use.