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Stickie Bellies

Has anyone ever tried to make the monthly stickers for babies? (I hope this is where I ask this question, I looked in the tutorials, but didn't see anything) Is there a template to download, or do you find the measurements?

I know these are not stickers. They are for stamps and they are brushes but free to download and she has one that you can just add what you want on the stamp so you could add the month and Baby name or whatever you like. Just another option and maybe someone will come along that has done stickers or may even do for you if haven't done already. Here's the link for the stamp option.

I'm not entirely sure what you're after Stephanie. You might be better off with an ISO request.

Thank you! I have found them all over etsy but cannot find a tutorial on how to make them. They are just big circle stickers. I'm just new and learning about how to use photoshop

@Stephanie: Can you share a couple links to show us what they are? That might help us to help you. I've not ever heard of them personally. smiley

I found these two examples: (Are these similar to what you are talking about?)

Yes! These are them!!

Ok so this guy is all I could find and it's actually a series of tutorials for creating round cosmetic labels to print.... BUT it will work for you to learn how to make a round sticker in Photoshop. Of course you would just decorate them with elements that are more geared towards your baby belly theme you want. I am posting all six parts of the teaching series so you can find them more easily. I hope it helps to serve the purpose you need to create some for yourself as I'm not really good at teaching myself. I just wanted to try to help you find an answer. smiley - good luck & I'd love to see how they turn out for you!

He's very detailed, that's why there are so many parts. He gives tips about the font, how to curve them, all kinds of stuff. You may be able to get what you need out of the first one or two and go from there on your own... but I figured more info is better than not enough. LoL
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -
Part 6 - [In this one he creates those tiny rings, like the yellow and blue in the first picture above]

Thank you so very much! I was hoping it would be pretty simple, but I never seem to pick simple things to begin with lol!

YW... It seems simple to me. The guy is just very detail oriented and gives you time to keep up with him. LoL Guess that's a good thing if you're learning. smiley

I finally made them Shawna! I am so excited! Do you think I should upload them? Will other people have any interest?

Absolutely!! I love them.

We would love to see them

Where do I post them? Here?

Yes you can post them here, Use the image icon to post them. You do have to have the files uploaded to the internet first and copy the link to the image. Than the image will display here.

Great Stephaine!!! I'm so excited to see them... now, you can make them for other topics, too. hint hint {wink} smiley

How do I upload the images to the internet?

@Stephanie: I'm going to ask Sera or Lorien to help you through the process of sharing freebies as I'm not quiet sure of the entire process since I've never done it. But, I know you'd need to upload to a site like 4shared your zip file and then maybe to flicker or imgur or the like for your image upload but I've just never done it so I'd rather the experts tell you the exact steps. It may take them a day or two to see this. smiley

@Stephanie: There are more than one way to make a freebie ready to share on the web. For now, only the Pixel Scrapper "official" designers (Marisa, Brooke, Sheila, Janet and Melo) can upload through PS system, so, we need to upload them to other sites before sharing.

There are sites that allow people to open and download the full resolution images. One of them is Flikr, other are the pictures you upload to your blogspot. Seems you already have a blogspot, right (I checked your profile - there is a blog on blogspot there, although I couldn´t enter in it, maybe there is something misspelled). In this case, you can just insert all the images on a blog post, and ask people on the post to right click on the image, open in a new window, and when this is open, right click again and "save as". Remember to add some note on how do you think people should use them (for example: "please, use these for your personal use only. Thanks!" or you may have people asking it smiley - If you wanna see how it will look like, check this example.

But, if you enjoyed doing this and is thinking on sharing freebies more often - or maybe even entering the digiscrap designing business someday - you may want to do as it´s most usually done: name each file as Designerinitials_kitname_elementname.png (for example SJ_stickiebellies_1month.png), put them all on a folder named as designerinitials_kitname (for example SJ_Stickiebellies) and add the full folder on a zip file. Then, you must upload the file to a file sharing site, like dropbox, google drive, skydrive,, copy, etc.

Two things you may think on including on your folder are: a file with your terms of use and contact information, if you´re worried of someone claming the files as they´ve done it and sharing on their sites, and a preview. Previews are important because they help people to organise their downloads and because people like to share what they love on Pinterest, and sharing the preview is usually the best way of doing it. you can make a very simple preview, pasting all the pngs on a new document with a white, black or craft background and writing only basic information (for example "stickie bellies, by Stephanie Johnson, personal use only"). Even if you´re sharing the individual files on your blog, a preview is welcome.

Then, open a topic for you on freebies forum and put the link to your blog or link to the downloads there. If you have done a preview, post it there too!

I hope you have fun! Can´t wait to see your first creations!

@Lorien: Thanks so much for your detailed help on uploading & sharing! smiley

Hey Ladies! I finally got my stickie bellies made and wanted to share! Here is the link to my Facebook page! I have made two sets smiley Thank you so much for all your help!!!

They are lovely Stephanie! Wonderful font and I love the chalky background. Congrats on opening on Etsy too!

Thanks so much! I love playing around on photoshop. I hope to be a professional photographer and graphic designer one day. The tutorials here help out so very much. Thanks Ladies for all your help!

Love the sticky bellies! I made some for my daughter too that i print out every month (she's already 5 months...where does the time go?!). The chalk board ones are great!