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Text Effect in Photoshop


I found this overlapping text effect that I like and I want to make it in Photoshop.

Do you know an easy method to do this text effect? Maybe a plugin or something smiley Thank you!

Make every letter on a different layer. Move them so they overlap, and then use a shadow on every layer.

For the gradient effect you can use an adjustment layer (gradient) or clip a gradient paper to each letter...

If you're happy you can group them or even merge them into 1 layer.

Thank you very much! I will try it right now. I really hoped for a quicker method but I guess there is not one available smiley

I can't think of an easier way to do it either. You could send a message to Elif who is our style/action master. If she likes the idea and she can figure out, she might make you an action.

The individual layers, then apply a layer style of drop shadow and gradient, is pretty much going to be the easiest way.

It would be easy if the letters weren't overlapped, and you wanted one big gradient, but the combination pretty much means the gradients have to be applied on a per-letter basis.

Perhaps an action that created each letter on a separate line, then applied drop shadow and gradient (use foreground-to-background for reliably customizable colors?), then put them into a Group to arrange to your preference, and either ended the action there, or did a stop for you to do the arranging, then removed outside shadows and merged the group's layers.