Tutorial Requests for PSP 7

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Tutorial Requests for PSP 7

Hi PSP Users!

I've been searching on here (and the web) for tuts on the following:

1. Trimming Elements
2. Removing the background in photos
3. Cleaning images after removing background
4. Creating templates

Anyone have any of these tuts available?

Thanks very much.

Hi Judy,

Yes, I have been on the PSP forum and have seen some tutorials posted there that I was looking for, however the links posted in the threads to those tutorials are no longer valid.

..and that's why I've posted the request...

I tried to post on the PSP forum but somehow it got posted here.

If you or anyone knows of the valid links to what I have requested please let me know.

Thanks much,

@Eve: I left you a message on the ones regarding trimming elements & the texturing/distressing posts, but i'm not sure I see the others as far as photos, images, and templates to try to help. sorry, I think some of it is those post are over a year old and since they were leading to people's personal blogs when they move or change them it creates dead links so that's the problem and unfortunately there isn't much we as PixelScrapper can control about that. smiley

Thank you Shawna, I just went there and read them both, much appreciation for the responses and direction. I'll post with any updates on those tuts....maybe she's working on the website and is uploading them to a new spot. I see some construction going on so maybe this is in the works smiley

Eve, Have you checked out Humbug Graphics. If not here is a link and if you scroll down some on the right side are a list of tutorials and you can find the one's for PSP and click on the one's you want to check out. There are quite a few but not sure if the one's you are particularly interested are there.


Here are some links on forums that have lots of tutorials on PSP




Thanks Brenda! That's great, I will definitely check those links out! smiley

Best of Grace x